Talk comments

very clear explanations given in a very smooth manner, have enjoyed this

Bram Driesen at 15:10 on 13 Sep 2017

Interesting talk about how Maarten manages Agile and Scrum.

Bram Driesen at 15:09 on 13 Sep 2017

Good talk, sad to see the demo not working like it should. But there is sure a need for automated testing in the web world just like Dave Hall confirmed during his keynote.

Bram Driesen at 15:08 on 13 Sep 2017

Will make me think twice now on how to write better code. Especially the part about return statements of functions.

Bram Driesen at 15:07 on 13 Sep 2017

Really enjoyed your talk. Enjoyable slide deck!

Floris always brings it with passion, zie hem graag bezig

always nice to hear that less able people are also heard.