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Schedule on the conference badge was great. The name needs to be much much larger though, and a different colour background for each side would be nice.

Food could do with a little more variety (and some more sweet things!)

Conference schedule itself was great, well done!

Three days is a tiny bit too long to soak in all the info, but nevertheless I enjoyed it.

All in all a good conference I think with lots of interesting topics. Maybe a bit more diversity in the topics and a few talks of newcomers in the field would be nice. Also some scheduled time for hands-on work would be a good idea I think. It would be nice to right jump into the stuff just presented, and discuss it some more.

The keynote on day 2 was a total disaster. It wasn't interesting, structured or prepared. It was way too short, and very disappointing for the people that bothered to show up early.

In the end it was a great conference I and I hope to join again next year.

The keynote on day 2 was way below standard. A keynote speaker that prepares his talk the day before in his hotel is just not good enough.