Talk comments

Nice introduction into SPL. The speaker is right in saying this part of PHP is under-appreciated. It is not hard to see the various implementations for it. Thanks for a real eyeopener!

Nice to see how PHP can be used for other implementations than you would normally expect. Some nice examples with great interaction with the audience, which is not found too often in a presentation.

Very good presentation, packed with useful information and resources. I would recommend every developer to at least read through the slides to get an impression about the talk.

Good talk, most of it should be common knowledge for every developer by the way. But even for the people who mostly know the pitfalls, it was entertaining.

Another good talk from EliW, and funny as well. He has good knowledge & experience, and knows how to make a good presentation about it.

Way to low level for me. Expected another talk, but that was probably my own mistake. Overall good presentation.

Most of the things you talked about, should be common knowledge to each webdeveloper. For the people that did not knew all the pitfalls: excellent talk. For the ones that did: mostly a good freshup.

A bit too abstract for me; missed an actual direction (maybe some tools, frameworks, realworld examples) of how to implement this architectural style :)