The Easy Problems are the Hard Problems: An in-depth look at the easy/hard parts of web applications.


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30 minutes in a 60 minute slot? Dragging out the audience questions to reach 40 minutes. Very poor! The presentation was not only too short but also too shallow. A disappointment.

The talk was nice; not as deep as could in 60 mins; however seeing Paul speaking is always nice.

I definitely expected a little more from this talk, but the humor really gave it some credits.

Very smooth professional speaking, could have been longer but it looks like the speaker was expecting more questions during. I enjoyed!

Very nice talk. Interesting topic and presented very nice. Looking forward to his next talk.

Interesting problems analysed by someone who is, err, really near the heat. Could have been so much more interesting, the depth of the problem space was only revealed during the Q&A session afterwards.

More a course for a school class than for professional PHP developers. No wonder that the magic was over after 30 minutes. Poor.

Way too shallow, and sorry Paul, the kitten thing is getting really old...

Predictably, I liked the kittens :) Some of the issues around account locking and identification were nicely done - would have liked to seen an hour of this level of content.

I found the section about handling account login issues very interesting and it's an area that I now intend to improve in my code. More detail about detecting that what attacks are happening would be appreciated too.

Did not cover new things for me, I'm sorry. And agree with drm about the kittens.