Grokking the REST Architectural Style


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Great talk, I've always liked REST. Was a good coverage of what REST is and the principles behind it.

Good talk on what Rest is and its principles.

Ben Ramsey does a great job explaining REST and awakens an interest in the inner workings of the http protocol. Super!

Great talk, does exactly what the title says. If you didn't grok REST before, you will now.

Ben has convinced me to look deeper into the details of REST and ATOM as a way to open up my API for external applications. Thank you Ben for opening my eyes.

A nice overview of REST. I'd like to see some more stuff. And maybe a bit less notes read out or searched for.

A very good talk, informative and entertaining. The beginning of it was excellent, with great presentation style, as Ben was standing out in front of his computer, talking off the cuff, and explaining things great while showing simply 'pretty' slides, to not distract you into reading lots of content.

IE, the opposite of the "I'm going to show you bullets, and then you are going to read them" style.

The only catch came in mid-to-late parts of the talk, when Ben kept fumbling a bit, reading his notes, and therefore not flowing nearly as well

Serious speaker envy here. Ben ran a great presentation plus the topic was super interesting.

Very interesting talk. But i miss a bit more of the PHP part of the matter. Hop to use, tips and trick etc.

Wasn't deep enough / technical enough; way too high level. But the speaker seems to know his stuff; well prepared; well presented.

The ultimate introduction into REST. I have been interested in REST for a long time now, but some areas were a bit unclear to me. Appears these are exactly the issues which are still most debated in the community.

The very simple 3-step REST design examples were really good, have the feeling I can now define a good REST api in just half an hour.

Good overview of REST. Like others, I would have ideally liked less on the basics and more technical detail and interesting edge cases.

Great introduction of the principles behind this pattern. REST seems to be one of those things that you've heard of, but don't really feel until someone sits you down and talks about it. Well that happened RESTfully.

An enjoyable and in-depth talk, with a completely different view of "REST" to the last conference I went to (which was all about RESTful URL formatting - something Ben clearly feels misses the point).

great talk on REST. I generally liked the "academic" approach the talk had, but would have liked to see some more examples on the problems/limitations.

It was nice to see REST explained in great detail. I think it would've been nice to actually demonstrate some stuff like accessing REST services with Zend_REST_Client and perhaps the benefits of being layered.

All in all, nice talk.

Very happy to get to see Ben talking about REST in person, since he's an authority on the subject. There was plenty of content in this talk and although not much of it was new, this information was well thought out and nicely presented.

A bit too abstract for me; missed an actual direction (maybe some tools, frameworks, realworld examples) of how to implement this architectural style :)