First Class APIs


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Some presenters have charisma, others don't. Unfortunately Helgi is one of the latter. Long-winded presentation with very little content. What can I take away from this talk? One slide. The keynote on Day 1 was worlds better.

Great talk, a bit repetitive though.

Excellent keynote presenting some very interesting material. It's funny how it all makes sense once someone tells you about it, but you may not have thought of it yourself. It just makes sense.

Liked the keynote. Good explanation on why to put the API before your website. Have to agree on the repetitive part in the comment before me. And I disagree with Conor, there was enough charisma for a really good keynote!

I liked this keynote and the message came across. But as other people mentioned: some stuff was just a little bit repetitive. And I would like Helgi to focus a bit more on the delivery and enthusiasm.

I would like to see this keynote talk again in an improved state. Helgi has was it takes and a first run of a talk is always a bit trial & error.

Nevertheless good stuff, I learned a thing or two.

Interesting content, bit long though. I've read the blog article in 10 minutes or so. Nevertheless it's good thinking material.

Great talk, just a little too long.

Good talk. Made me think about how to change the way I do projects in the future

Anonymous at 11:43 on 21 May 2011

Good and interesting talk!

Useful content but the repeating message could have been Gzipped into 15 minutes. No speaker starts of being great.

Nice slides, good speaker, but the talk could be shorted a bit.

I liked this. It was a bit too long though, and sometimes the jokes didn't work. I know however that's it difficult to get everything working the first time giving a keynote, and Helgi did remarkably well.

The first 30 min where fantastic, it got a little repatative afterwords. A little less focus on first class apis and more focus on examples and maybe some code to go with that.

I liked the content, but it was pretty tough to follow yesterdays keynote.

Anonymous at 12:20 on 21 May 2011

Good talk but after a while it felt like a flashback repeating is a good way to get your point trough but don't keep repeating it makes the talk a bit long winded.

The speaker brought up some valid and reasonable points about why we should treat APIs as First Class Citizens. I agree with others that it was a bit long-winded and repetetive in the end.

I liked your talk. I prob wil have usage of it

Great keynote. I learnt that on one project we have a lot to improve and on the other I have introduced the suggested model (which I agree with totally) for the most part.

You came up with the conclusion half way the talk where you might have pulled that more to the end and do the twitter example more in between. Felt like you made your point half way and the rest was to support your point which might have felt a bit overkill. You are a very talented speaker of which I enjoy listening to a lot. Thanks!

This is going to change the way we code. Good talk, clear diagrams.

You can brush up on your presentation style, especially the way you walk around as if you are expecting someone around the corner who wants to put up a fight.

Thinking Twitter would have been better off if they had thought out their API up front is just naive from a business perspective, but we get the point.

I expect we are going to try this approach, and then, after all, you have been very inspiring.

Good talk, although all content could be fitted in in half of the time. Anyway I liked it.

Anonymous at 18:45 on 21 May 2011

good content, but too long

The idea - there really only was one idea in the talk - was completely new to me. It was clear after 15 minutes into the talk, where the slide came of the API between the database and the MVC and it was very very clear. You can support that with examples, but really, after 5 more minutes everybody got the message and it should have stopped there. We're an intelligent audience so don't repeat yourself 20 times. It's a new idea, but it's not that complex.

The skills to give a decent talk are clearly present. Pronunciation, intonation and pace are all pleasant to listen to. The way you stood and moved around on stage however were not that pleasant, you need to work on that. The message was a nice one to deliver, but it was repeated to much. Even in the conclusion you still felt the need to give an example and the example was twitter, again, which already was mentioned I don't know how many times.

Skills are there, message was ok, but I have to give you the worst rating because it was the most boring talk of the conference because of the repetition. I had a hard time staying awake and I didn't even attended the social.

I like the topic very much and I am eager to try it on some project in the future, but the talk felt stretched and a shorter version had probably been better.

Not enough content for 45m, I am pretty sure helgi has enough stories up his sleeve for days, this keynote didn't deliver it.

Great talk, good topic, but a little repetitive though.
Especially the word API :)

Extremely repetitive. Sounded more like a rant at the twitter API than anything else.

Interesting talk, but too many examples.

Interesting talk. I like the concepts involved but some of the examples weren't the best. I'd heard Helgi was very nervous - but I didn't really get that impression while he was talking.

Very interesting, I will certainly use what I have learned. I already started to write down what I should do. Two words were repeated: API and DATA. I do not have data, and I will have an API ;-) Thanks for the talk

Good talk. But way to long. Could fit in 15min.

Good talk with some very good points made.
Went a bit to deep "bashing" twitter on how they did things wrong. But other than that very good to follow with some very good information and nice pointers.