Inside DocBlox


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Great talk mike. Nicely done

Good presentation, covering the Docblox project very well.

Very interesting and inspiring, want to try it !!!

very good talk , great insight to the insides of docblox

Interesting tool. Time to switch from phpdocumentor.

Inspiring and very inviting on using the DocBlox! Triggered some very good questions from the audience as well! Very nice Mike, well done!

Nice presentation, will definitely give docblox a try! Maybe went into a bit too much detail on the core structure. Would rather have had more about features & usage.

Will the slides be available for download ?

I finally get to see that guy that fills up my Twitter timeline with awesome stuff.
Good talk!
DocBlox is an awesome contribution to the PHP community.

- Less pointer would be nice, maybe only for code?
- Speak more :) your voice seems to waiver sometimes, lack of confidence?
- I think you could've gone a bit faster.
- Please remember to repeat the question (though you usually did this).

- Nice interaction with crowd.
- Your speech is very understandable and lively.
- Good talk.

Great talk and good job. @todo Try it ASAP.

Good talk, looks like a very useful tool!

Interesting tool introduction. Need to look at it soon

Very nice introduction into docblox! Well done!

Good talk, very nice introduction to an (already) awesome tool

great talk from a good speaker. I liked it very much, but would be nice to see more of the reflection api and how it's done using the tokenizer.

Anonymous at 17:53 on 21 May 2011

Good and clear presentation, a bit slow sometimes, otherwise, well done.

Good presentation about the inner workings of DocBlox. Next time I generate code documentation I will give DocBlox a try.

I really don't see the point in having developed DocBlox.
If phpDocumentor is slow, just use a code documentation generator made in C and much more featureful like Doxygen. (You can keep phpDoc syntax, no need to use the old Doxygen one!)

Before reimplementing an existing tool, one should definitely investigate alternative solutions.
Doxygen takes 22 seconds and about 90Mb to parse and generate the full Zend Framework without the graphs. 65 seconds and 100Mb with graphs.