Growth Hacking for Humans


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Friendly and clear!

Very insightful

Very inspiring!

This talk definitely opened up a lot of eyes in the audience! Great stuff

Anonymous at 10:50 on 8 Jun 2013

Inspirational stuff.
You may just have changed my life.

Very inspiring. Lots of situations were recognizable to me. Thanks!

Great keynote, made me realize that I shouldn't be afraid to break boundaries and leave my comfort zone.

Great talk

Very inspiring talk and a trip down memory lane for some stages.

Awesome talk as expected from Eamon... Nicely connects up to some advice I heard a couple of months ago - 'finish your fucking projects'. Very inspiring like a great keynote should be :)

Very good advice in this talk! Enjoyed it thoroughly.

nice entertaining opening, now we can try to fetch some things from it :-)

Nicely done with good slides!

Very enjoyable talk with some far too familiar sittuations, unfortunately. With some valuable lessons to learn.

Inspiring with very familiar sittuations!

I think most of the audience felt identified with the speaker's journey at one point or another. Plus it was funny! Great keynote.

Very inspiring.

Funny all the way, and his journey is *so* recognizable I had my hand up more time than not. Awesomely inspiring. In fact, I could not resist acting on the spot.

Great keynote, made my smile and lots of recognizable situations. Good to reflect on yourself.

Great keynote, a lot of recognizable elements. Also, good sense of humour.

Next newspaper headline: massive shortage of PHP developers after keynote. High growth of new businesses! Yet another wake up call. If it wasn't for me having problems to travel. Life would've been a lot different.

This talk started off on on a slightly slow note, but quickly turned into a really great talk. Really a must see for any developer looking to expand their abilities...

Eamon managed to get rid of the hangover quite quickly. I was afraid he would fall asleep the first minute or so. But that's just a trick he pulled, because the rest of the talk was awesome.

I know Eamon, I know his story and yet it managed to inspire me so much. I'm not usually so corny, but damn, what happened there? Magic ...

Thanks Eamon, you convinced me to do stuff I also wanted to do, but never had the guts to do.

So good and inspiring! A new approach to thinking about your career path and very recognizable.

So good and inspiring! A new approach to thinking about your career path and very recognizable.

Inspiring and recognizable talk!

Inspiring and recognizable.
It was lacking a bit of speed at times though. And the jokes were a bit forced at times.
It also felt like the speaker had to think what to say each time a new slide came up.