Unbreakable Domain Models


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Very nice talk which makes combining the domain business with your code very clear. Expected more Doctrine stuff though.

Anonymous at 11:35 on 7 Jun 2013

Good talk, it was good to Be reminded to the basics and to Go in a bit deeper to see how You could use the basics to do more advanced things

gret explanation, you should try to keep it together even when missing a slide, you recpvered well from it :-)

I really likes the concept of the specification pattern.

Inspring. Always nice to conclude that you are doing it wrong! ;-)

Anonymous at 11:44 on 7 Jun 2013

Great talk on a very important topic!

Good hands-on introduction to a couple of domain-driven design principles.

Good talk providing a nice recap on some patterns known in Domain Driven Design. Liked the talk and the easy to understand examples displaying the problem and solution.

Excellent talk, full of real-world examples of domain models (except for the missing slide!). Mathias' answers to some tough audience questions were spot on as well. Thanks!

Brilliant talk. Everything was crystal clear :)

Great talk. Figured out that there's an easy way to solve things which've been bothering me for a while.

Very insightful talk; explains perfectly why you would want to spend a bit more time in thinking about your models and when you would use value objects to make things more flexible.
Great intro into the specifactions pattern as well.

Good talk. I liked the focus on testing. I think you dealt with the questions from the audience nicely.

Nice to see this topic in a talk. The patterns were good explained, made it very clear!

Anonymous at 10:53 on 8 Jun 2013

Excellent talk, it was clear you have a lot of practical experience dealing with these issues. I'm far more convinced of the use of value classes now.

Inspiring and good talk. Well presented, and building the story with code examples worked out really good i think.

Excellent talk, very interesting materials (good, recognizable code examples, good pointers to DDD people).

Good talk! Made me think differently about US ING orm's

Good talk: made me think more about contracts, value objects.
Ans also learned that I implemented the Specification pattern without knowing it :)

Great talk, very clear explanation of the concepts

Great talk which clearly defines the responsibilities of your models.

Enjoyed this talk. Good examples.

A great talk and a very good speaker.

Got some of what I came for. Not sure if it's even possible to get all ;)

Great talk, immediately saw where I can make improvements in my projects.

Good and clear talk, which really showed me improvements I can make to my own code. I liked your step-by-step approach, which made it easy to follow the refactoring done and reasoning behind this. I would recommend this talk!

As a first talk it really slammed home that there's so much stuff going on beyond what I'm "used to". The talk was clear, had examples that where direct and to the point. Nothing extra was needed, nothing could be taken out without losing value. I wish my code looked more like that :)

Excellent and clear talk, learned a lot!

Good talk, mostly covering the basics. Amazing to see how many people don't know how to correctly apply this.

Excellent talk, thank you very much!

This was a great talk, got me plenty of ideas to fix some things in my codebase. I felt a little bit of a trip towards the end with the missing slide and a bit of uneasiness in reply to feedback, but it did not mess with the excellent content.

My favorite talk of DPC. Value objects are the heart and soul of php programming.. I will definitely dive into this.
Concepts explained were very clear and directly usable.

Really thorough but compact explanation of DDD.

Anonymous at 14:24 on 12 Jun 2013