Adventures in Advanced Git


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Great stuff. Love the hands on approach, the scrips and the demos

Nice presentation !

Boldizsár Bednárik at 11:32 on 27 Jun 2014

Liked the new "live demo" approach. Keep up the great work!

Rafael Dohms at 11:42 on 27 Jun 2014

loved the new format and the way you handled the crowd. even as an experienced git user I picked up a few new tips. great job.

Impressive how casual she goes through the dungeons of GIT like it's an afternoon stroll. First time demo style she says but I find it hard to believe :) Well prepared and smooth.

Sorry there was so little time! Very insightful and live demo'ing went perfect. Loved the "text adventure" bit as well

Anonymous at 12:19 on 27 Jun 2014

In deep topic carried on in a funny way, nice format. A lot of good tips to learn something new. Brilliant!

You immediately see you know what you're talking about and the way the presentation is done is sublime. You can keep the publics attention and keep it interesting for yourself (by never giving the same presentation ;).

The demo is well prepared and the way you use scripts keeps the flow in the presentation so you don't slow down.

I personally would liked some more advanced stuff, but democracy always wins.

Great talk!

Awesome content. Thought I knew quite a bit about git, but Lorna showed some neat tricks that I did not know so far. Would love to see a workshop of the talk ;)

Picked up some useful tricks for when I screw it up (which always happens)!

This was a great talk. Lorna explained excellently some advanced features of Git in a clear manner.
I wish we had more time.

Awesome talk, too bad it was live and thus hard to get slides for. I'm probably going to forget things :)

I thought it was an interesting way to present information and keep the audience engaged. Dynamically adjusting your content to your audience's desires really worked well. It's also encouraged me to try using Git from the cmd line more often and for more than just some basic tasks.

Entertaining and informative :)

Brilliant, but I can't stop thinking of what was behind door number #1. That will forever hunt me.

An entertaining and educating talk - an absolute must-hear if you get the chance. Obviously your slides aren't really helpful without the hands-on part, but a little cheat sheet with your fav set of functions you addressed during the talk would be awesome!

Loved the way you did this talk!

Excellent talk, I learned things that would have saved me hours of headache and misery just 2 weeks ago. It was also really helpful just to see some useful options you were passing to git, like all of the git log options. :)

One small recommendation, since the path in your prompt was very long, it would cause most commands to line wrap, and the projector would cut off 1-2 characters on the side of the screen, making it hard to know some of the options you used. So it'd be awesome if you could move or use a symbolic link in your home directory to your example data directory, so we would see ~/dpc14/ instead of ~/data/some/other/directory/cannot/remember/dpc14/. :)

Well prepared talk.

Well done! Your approach with the demo's and letting the audience choose where to go is awesome. It made me feel I participated in this, and that I think is a great achievement with such a large audience.
And of course I learned a lot of things I am going to use in my everyday work. Thank you very much!

Very well executed the new format. Picked-up a few handy new things!

Excellent. Would have loved to learn a bit more about the inner workings of git (the .git directory and such), but the audience chose otherwise. You are a Natural presentator. Very pleasant.

Always nice to find out some new tricks from an exelently executed presenation, good job, thanks!!!

I really like the demo approach, learned some nice tricks to solve problems [s]my colleagues[/s] I created!

Good talk, good very clear presentation.

Picked up a few new tricks. Good presentation!

Honestly I use a GUI for most of my git operations and new most of the little tricks but it was great to see things I dit not know about git.

Someone Somewhere at 22:10 on 28 Jun 2014

Very interesting and well presented.

good job would have liked to see a mention of and perhaps some really summoning to learn FOSS workflows, more rebase, rerere, or git-extras or perhaps some things still unknown on git.

you are a great communicator, and have got a nice british accent! Great review, thanks!

Inspiring but also funny, learned some new things! One thing which could have been interesting is 'filter branch' which I personally categorize as 'git black magic'. Don't know if we just avoided that issue (by choosing our 'path' through the talk) but it is so powerful since you can use it to rewrite history in every file of every revision in every branch. While this is something you do not do daily it is very powerfull and proved to be SO useful when doing merges of projects and/or svn imports.

Anonymous at 10:30 on 1 Jul 2014

I greatly enjoyed this talk, very well prepared and with just enough humor to keep it serious as well as very educational.

Super nicely done.
Just too short, need more goodness.