What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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A great event! I didn't enjoy all the talks I've attended, but I had a lot of interesting things that I want to learn soon. I've also met interesting people. I'm really happy for having been there.

Great event. I really liked the workshops. Everything was well executed!

Overall it was a great conference, and I enjoyed it a lot - more than my first DPC in 2013.

I loved the CodeNight, it was really great and I think it was an excellent idea to partner with AmsterdamPHP. The venue was amazing.

About the food: indeed, this year the food was not good. I think it's also very weird to state "one hot snack per person", but anyways, you could skip the hot snack and offer better / real sandwiches. It is also important to let people know what's inside - there was no labels and the people serving didn't seem to know what was vegetarian or not, just as an example.

Also, many people complaining about the social being far from the venue - this is complicated in Amsterdam, I know, but when the social happens in the venue it gets more participation from attendees, it gives a "safety" feeling, and makes it easier for networking.

What went well:
Thanks for the smooth organisation! I liked it overall. The conference went really smooth. Small incidents were managed accordingly (like Scato's laptop/connector issue, thanks to Sandy). New insights were made. So thank you.
The Unconference, and the information about it was great and very up to date! Props to Uncon masters

What could be better:
- I felt the information about the talks can be improved. The "beginner, intermediate, advanced" classification is just to generic, and to soft. A lot of intermediate and advanced talks were too generic or not complete because of this ("I want to tell you about my experience with <insert new technology buzzword here>?). Imho not really advanced. Talks could be classified further <overview, in-depth, real world example>, and should cover <buzzword> accordingly:
* overview is not just some examples, but an proper real (exhaustive) overview
* in-depth assumes certain knowledge
* real world talks tell you more the speaker's experiences/beliefs are

- The coffee could be way better. Thanks for the Shopware coffee machine.
- Something new could be added to the format, but not at the other side of the town. Perhaps you think of another venue?

But i'll be there next year! :)

Willem-Jan Zijderveld at 14:13 on 29 Jun 2015

Thanks for an awesome DPC2015! Had s great time.

This was a nice conference, and you are doing this for many years now. Unfortunately I felt that it is no longer new and improving. I understand that this is not easy. So if I could give one suggestion: please fix the food. It was really bad and I didn't enjoy this at all. Also, the one hot snack per person is really not enough...

As this wasnt my first trip to DPC (might have been 7th? i dunno) But anyway: it was as always in capable organisational hands! Thanks for the great 3 days of fun.

Just to sum up various thoughts that came to mind during / after the con:
- the workshop day could use some sort of opening / closing. (not a real keynote, but an offical hello would be nice...)
- the codenight felt much of the same : an official hello / opening / kickoff ... Pizza's and drinks were great (as was the spacious room, thanks to Rockstart!)
The conference itself went _really_ smooth: even the slight rescheduling / delay of lunch the first day was without hiccups! Although the gentlemen from ibuildings that introduced the opening and closing notes could do with a bit more structure, it felt really relaxed and welcoming!

Maybe the social could be closer to the conference hall next time, but other than that: the amount of drinks and food there was great! (even the mojito's tasted great!)

I would like to see more soft-skill talks perhaps (i.e. The lizard brain from Rafael) and maybe even some more level 4 talks since alot of the talks stated advanced but felt really 1 / 2 stars ;)

Hope to be there next year!

I visited the conference for 5 times now. Every time it is well organised! This year was a great timing, no talks runned out of time. Drinks, food and everything was totally awesome. I had a great time. You (reader) should come too!

Though I was expecting something "new", something different. The past 5 conferences were quite the same.
Currently I have no fresh ideas, but they'll come. Try something different next year.

The unconference was a bit far from the RAI location, so we chose to eat spare-ribs nearby :-) Maybe next year a location on walking distance would be nice.

The most important thing was that it gave me a lot of motivation and inspirationd. And above all, I learned a lot!

Good talks and a good organisation. Sessions where diverse with some non-technical and more backend stuff as well. Thanks for the icecream. I liked the social, though maybe a bit far from the Rai.

Then the food: on friday I didn't got to have the hot snack and I heard one of the Rai catering staff say there was one hot snack and 3 (micro)sandwiches per person. You always should provide a bit of margin on this. It's not like is a new thing, it was the same last time I was DPC. It's gotten this bad that we started joking we'll need to bring our own lunch next time. The coffee was terrible by the way (sometimes even cold??), I must thank Shopware for their coffee machine.

Event was very good. I meet a lot of friendly and skilled people. Got my tech-social batteries recharged to its full capacity. Thank you!

What I didn't like? For sure microsandwiches on Friday lunch and fact,m that PHP conference was located in ruby area...

Next year I would love to see more advanced talks, even splitted in two parts. Also - adding a soft talk track IMHO would be good idea (see comments here https://joind.in/talk/view/14231 )

Anonymous at 18:15 on 28 Jun 2015

It's an event for novices and beginners teaching other novices and beginners. Only a handful of high-quality talks of a few insightful American speakers. This was probably the last time we're attending. Sorry!

Great crew that has a lot of experience. The social was better than last year, but I was hoping for more entertainment options. Then again: Amsterdam is a tricky and expensive place to go overboard on entertainment and fun.

The sessions were good and I like the slight shift towards frontend.

The videos and visuals were awesome as usual. Also liked the animated gifs in the opening/closing slides.

But please, please ,please, improve the food at the venue. It was crappy, really crappy!

Impressive event this year, somehow much better than previous years. The RAI catering staff could be a bit more well-informed about what vegetarian food they have, perhaps take that up with them. Thanks for the awesome event.

Great conference. Very well organized. Thank you.

Good talks, good atmosphere. Friendly folk around (speakers, organisers, RAI personel and audience).

I learned a lot this year. I'm definitely trying to attend again next year.

Event was Reeeaaaallllllyyy EPIC .. a lot of positive energy and talks!