Talk comments

A really interesting topic that i never properly looked into. After the talk i now have a clear idea what CSP is about and how to go about using it when i need to. Exactly what i expect from a talk at a conference: Explaining the why and the context, not just reading the specification.

This talk is really for beginners who did not much look at servers. I was expecting more details, maybe some numbers or other analysis to have more "meat" to this talk. The 2015 in the title made me think it would be a bit more bleeding edge. The technologies where well explained but have all been in use for a couple of years. "A modern web stack" would fit better as a title.

Good talk on an interesting subject. As others, i would have loved more focus on HTTP/2. The analysis of changes to HTTP/1.1 that happened after RFC 2616 would better sit in a blog post that you can refer people interested in it to. It was not really interesting to hear about every one of them - but i will certainly refer to that summary to check whether FOSHttpCacheBundle is up to date with 723x.

this talk was delivered in a really great way: made assembler and mathematics sound like fun! managed to keep me fully interested after three days of conference. only gripe i have is that i was expecting to hear a bit more about Ada Lovelace herself, or on the topic of women in IT.

Really good talk, explained this subject that i never really understood in a clear and simple way! The SSO in the title was kind of creating wrong expectations, but i was actually more interested in the authentication process than in SSO specifically.

Both fun, interresting and relevant.
If there is a video of this talk, I would love to get ahold of it.

Probably the best talk at the conference for me! Cool new concepts for me. A relaxed talk, Mark is no stranger to presentations, and he is a very good educator!

Good talk funny at times but it felt a bit slow to me. But it was interesting to see in the kitchen of open source and to see it is not just about the coding.