Ibuildings is proud to organize the ninth Dutch PHP Conference on June 26 and 27, plus a pre-conference tutorial day on June 25. Both programs will be completely in English so the only Dutch thing about it is the location. Keywords for these days: Know-how, Technology, Best Practices, Networking, Tips & Tricks.


My app is secure... I think
Workshop by Wim Godden
Symfony2 Content Management
Workshop by David Buchmann
I put on my mink and wizard behat
Workshop by Thomas Shone
Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS
Workshop by Beau Simensen
Jump-start your application with AngularJS
Workshop by Chris Saylor
Test, Create, Secure, Repeat - Part 1
Workshop by Michelangelo van Dam
MySQl 5.7 New Features
Workshop by Dave Stokes
Building realtime web apps
Workshop by Jad Joubran
Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS with Broadway
Workshop by Beau Simensen
Test, Create, Secure, Repeat - Part 2
Workshop by Michelangelo van Dam
Get some hypermedia up in your API
Talk by Victor Welling
Uncon: Developers are just like humans
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap
Defensive Programming
Talk by Christopher Pitt
Malicious cryptography in Symfony apps
Talk by Raul Fraile
Automation made simple with Ansible
Talk by Erika Heidi
Artificial Neural Networks on a Tic Tac Toe console application
Talk by Eduardo Gulias Davis
Uncon: PHP Hooligans
Talk by Ben Peachey, Auke van Slooten
Towards Modelling Processes
Talk by Mathias Verraes
Hash functions and how not to use them
Talk by Nathaniel McHugh
The quest for global design principles
Talk by Matthias Noback
The New CSS Layout
Talk by Rachel Andrew
Uncon: VIM for PHP developers
Talk by Ike Devolder
Command Bus to Awesome Town
Talk by Ross Tuck
The Three Dimensions of Testing
Talk by Sebastian Bergmann
ElasticSearch in action
Talk by Thijs Feryn
The Stateful ElePHPant
Talk by Rick Kuipers
FutureJS - ES6, ES7 and beyond
Talk by Kuba Waliński
Hello, PSR-7.
Talk by Beau Simensen
Asynchronous PHP
Talk by Christopher Pitt
Let's Write Some History!
Talk by Willem-Jan Zijderveld
Dip Your Toes in the Sea of Security
Talk by James Titcumb
Uncon: Electrify your code with PHP generators
Talk by Mark Baker
HTTP is Dead. Long Live HTTP/2!
Talk by Ben Ramsey
The true value of objects
Talk by Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse
Journey into your Lizard Brain
Talk by Rafael Dohms
Deep Dive into Browser Performance
Talk by Ilia Alshanetsky
Uncon: Tech debt: why it's crippling you and what to do
Talk by Tobias Gies
The NoSQL Store everyone ignores: PostgreSQL
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer
PhpStorm: 42 Tips and Tricks
Talk by Mikhail Vink
Application Logging & Logstash
Talk by Ben Waine
Datastructures in PHP: Beyond SPL - Tries and QuadTrees
Talk by Mark Baker
Hexagonal architecture - message-oriented software design
Talk by Matthias Noback
HTTP Caching with Varnish
Talk by David Buchmann, David de Boer
The road to Continuous Deployment
Talk by Bastian Hofmann
Wrangle Cross-cutting Concerns with Event Driven Programming
Talk by Chris Saylor
Composer The Right Way
Talk by Rafael Dohms
Blazing fast CSS3 animations
Talk by Jad Joubran
Uncon: I want to be a hacker... introduction to pentesting
Talk by Jakub Gadkowski
Uncon: Functional Reactive Programming
Talk by Reinier Kip
Implement Single Sign On easily with Symfony
Talk by Sarah Khalil
I put on my mink and wizard behat
Talk by Thomas Shone
Modern networking for PHP developers: IPv6, SPDY and SSL
Talk by Marcus Bointon
Improving the quality of your JS application
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer
Uncon: How cyborg puppies can sniff out code smell
Talk by Niels van Esch
Uncon: A Talk About Naming Things Talk
Talk by Shawn McCool & Mitchell van Wijngaarden
Adding 1.21 Gigawatts to Applications with RabbitMQ
Talk by James Titcumb
My site is slow, what can I do? - Profiling PHP applications
Talk by Bastian Hofmann
Contributing to Core: My Journey to Add array_column() to PHP
Talk by Ben Ramsey
Getting started with Meteor
Talk by Kuba Waliński
Uncon: Prototypes and ad hoc objects
Talk by Auke van Slooten
Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project
Keynote by Jordi Boggiano