Hexagonal architecture - message-oriented software design


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Interesting overview of the concerns with traditional framework architectures and the kinds of abstractions that can be applied to solve them. Would have loved to see more code examples, but still a good talk. Well done.

Willem-Jan Zijderveld at 11:27 on 27 Jun 2015

Nice explanation about architecture. I really hope people will start seeing the benefits and that it is not that hard to start using these principles.

Anonymous at 11:46 on 27 Jun 2015

A great talk about design your application well

Great talk about HA! Good explanation and examples of how to apply this architecture.

This conference is really connecting a lot of dots for me and this presentation is also one of those dots. Great way of explaining the Hexagonal architecture.

Great talk and gives you a very nice overview of (modern) software architecture and design.

Very interesting talk and combined really well with Ross Tuck's bus to Awesome Town (also at this conference). This talk really taught me a lot. I'd already heard of hexagonal architecture and read up on it, but this talk really made it click for me.

Of all the presentations I've been to during dpc, this was the best one. I'm definitely going to use these concepts in the (very) near future.

Great exposition of the strong points of hexagonal architecture. Matthias is a proficient presented that captivates his audience with brilliantly execute talk.

Clear talk and interesting talk.
I was curious what the six sides would stand for and was a bit disappointed to find out it was only six sides because it makes for nice diagrams.
I feel like the rest of the talk had a lot of overlap with Fridays talk and they could have been merged easily.

Arnout Boks at 14:27 on 28 Jun 2015

Great talk, but I would have appreciated some more code samples or practical pointers. Also I missed a bit of a wow-factor with novel insights, but maybe that was just a consequence off there being a lot of talks on related subjects earlier in the schedule.

Very well delivered talk, very clear what Hexagonal Architecture is and how we can achieve this.

As for the subject: great intro although it felt like an old message in a new package (separation of concerns on an architecture level of the applications)

I do however have a minor gripe with the delivery of the message: try to avoid those little inside jokes. It really got me out of the otherwise excellent content!

James Titcumb at 12:31 on 29 Jun 2015

No issues here, well explained, and you can tell Matthias and Ross work a lot together, the content really went hand-in-hand and cross-referenced with Ross' talk.

Great talk. The combination of Hexagonal architecture with the Command bus lifted some of the fog in a personal project. Fingers are itching to apply it.

Anonymous at 17:18 on 29 Jun 2015

Great talk, I would just maybe add a little introduction to DDD to put in context for those that lacks that insight.

Good speaker. Most people fail when trying to explain stuff on this abstraction level with just the right amount of code in the slides. Informative talk about (imho) properlay layering your application

Again some very helpful insights from matthias. This will definitely help me write better applications

Interesting take on the modern architecture trends. I liked the hexagon analogy, I believe it lends itself nicely to many interpretations. Really good delivery by the speaker in terms of clarity of thoughts, tone of voice etc.