Hacking Foresight from Hindsight


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I love hearing Josh talk. He gave some very very good insights to me about assisting people as opposed to pushing them, being a mentor instead of a manager. Very useful info.

Great talk about how to get better by having mentors and learning from them.

Timo Bakx at 10:31 on 26 Jun 2015

Awesome talk about mentors and what to look for in one.

Jeroen van der Laan at 11:39 on 26 Jun 2015

Not entirely what I expected but very inspirational nonetheless!

It was really nice to hear Josh explain the way mentors should act :)

Josh, even though he was the opening keynote, must've done the best talk of the conference already. I know, risky statement as the conference isn't over, but Josh killed it.

Great points on mentoring and mentee-ing. Thanks, I learned from this.

Very inspirational talk also very nicely placed in he beginning of the conference to make the morning a little brighter.

nice talk, good content and good presentation skills, well done

A pretty decent talk about his career, not something I would do as a keynote though. it did wow me into this years conference, unlike the last couple of years!

Though the talk was a good reminder on the importance of mentorship, there was too much focus on the nitty details of his own career.

Some nice insights about how mentoring works way better than managing.

This talk has probably (hopefuly) made me a better mentor.

Good speaker, nice to listen to, and a good overview of mentoring/being mentored! A minor thing is that I think the talk could do with a bit less of the who's who in his life - since I don't know those people it didn't really speak to me. "some people help me A, others with B" without naming all the people would convey the same content in my opinion.

The nitty details thing (with which I agree) aside, this was a real nice 'feel good' opening keynote. The most important message: "You don't have to be the smartest person in the world, but make sure get to know the people who are" was a good one.

Awesome. Inspiring starting point for the conference, it has kept me thinking about it since then.

interesting and useful, but got boring in the middle part where he was to much focused and getting into details on his own experiences.
And although I agree to some extend, I also think there should be some nuance in the message that everybody in the business does everything for themselves primarily.

Very inspirational talk to open the conference with. Thank you.

Another inspirational talk on mentoring, excellent keynote speech to kick of a conference full of potential mentors and mentees

Although I've heard enough talks about mentoring lately, this talk is definitely a 5-star talk and that's because Josh is a fantastic speaker/performer.

The delivery of the talk was spectacular as usual. There were definitely some key takeaways for me.

But as discussed: the slides were not on par with the quality of the talk. Throw away the slide deck, get a better color scheme and better visuals, because this deck is very 90's.

When Josh speaks, I listen. A job well done!

Very inspiring talk, it's great to hear how other developers have gotten to where they are right now.

Anonymous at 08:54 on 29 Jun 2015

Sometimes bit hard to understand, spoke fast.

Nice talk from a very good speaker. I got the point quite early in the presentation, which made it sort of lengthy.

This talk made me think of my own career and where I am at the moment.
It also made me think about the people who are/where my mentors.

It was a pleasure listening to Josh, as he kept the audience's attention.

Anonymous at 17:01 on 29 Jun 2015

Nice talk

A good keynote, covering both sides of the mentor/mentee relationship from a man who understands the importance of such relationships both formally and informally from his own experience

Perhaps a shade too much about his own experience and lessons learned

Good speaker, pleasant to listen to. Good motivational talk into mentoring/being mentored! The part with Josh his personal details (e.g. naming people) was a bit to long in my opinion.

Great opening keynote. A wave of enthusiasm that got everyone awake.

Excellent keynote! One of the best talks I have seen in a long time. Made me think and revisit some of my recent professional decisions. Great presentation skills and command of the stage by the speaker.