Extracting wisdom from stupidity


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Colin O'Dell at 10:32 on 25 Jun 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk!

Kasper Agg at 10:33 on 25 Jun 2016

Thank you for having an excuse to make stupid misstakes ;-)

Good presentation, I do like the humor used in the presentation as well as the content. I learned a lot, especially on how to lay out a plan when one wants to use 50 array functions to build a raffler ;)

Chilion Snoek at 18:18 on 26 Jun 2016

Brilliant. Stupidity. Men, that was cool

Very entertaining talk. Although, I didn't like the spoiler about this thing called 'Rubik's cube'. ;)

Sorry I didn't have time to talk to you about me raising my hand and not think about a debugging moment. Hopefully some other time.

Really enjoyed this talk.

Really enjoyed this talk.

$a = ["interesting content"];
$b = ["humor"];

$success = array_merge($a, $b);

It was a really nice talk. Entertaining and informative. What maybe could be improved is explaining more what you learnt from analyzing your own thought process: what are your personal pitfalls/strengths and at what point did you detect them as such. I do plan to read one of the 'thinking' books you advised to read, so your talk definitely had impact :)

Steven Don at 15:38 on 27 Jun 2016

A very humorous tale and an intriguing idea. In addition to re-evaluating the way we approach problems, it also occurred to me that "stupid" challenges like these are also a great way to expand one's knowledge of the facilities PHP offers in its standard library.

Ellen Boven at 20:22 on 27 Jun 2016

Nice and inspiring talk.

This might have been the talk that stuck with me the most. Very interesting topic and I enjoyed the fresh way it was brought. Structurally, content-wise and presentation-wise an excellent talk and I am definitely going to dive into the topic more. Fun fact: had a campfire conversation with my two brothers explaining the question about the rectangles and lateral thinking and De Bono, etc. Awesome campfire conversation material, if you ask me :)

Enjoyed the talk. Found it very inspiring and I'm intended to look more into the subject - we already ordered some of the recommended books ^^

Well done!