It's 2017 and times have changed – yet PHP is still most often associated with your average product catalog or blogging platform. In this talk you will learn that PHP's huge ecosystem has way more to offer and PHP is not inferior at all to its evil cousin Node.js.

You will learn about the core concepts of async PHP and why you too should care about React PHP being a real thing. The talk has a strong focus on sparking the idea that PHP can be way faster and more versatile than you probably thought. Bring along an open mind and through lots of examples and demos learn why what sounds crazy at first might soon be a valuable addition in your toolbox.


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Very funny and enthusiastic speaker with great knowledge about topic!

Heavily encouraging talk to give react PHP a try with a lot of funny examples

Youri Thielen at 20:45 on 30 Jun 2017

Good humor and lots of enthusiasm! Before the talk I understood the concepts of ReactPHP, that of non-blocking i/o, but was wondering how it was implemented in PHP at the low level. It seems stream_set_blocking($stream, false) is key, maybe that's something to incorporate in your talk? The explanation of the Event Loop and Promises were great, but i guess they all revolve around stream_set_blocking($stream, false).

I liked the talk, it was fast-paced and funny and the speaker really knew the subject well.
Concerning the demos, I think it is nice that we could see what ReactPHP could do, but I would like to see a little bit more explanation of the code. In the back of the room, the code was not readable very well due to some highlighting issues of the text editor. Also, when scrolling through the code, it was not clearly visible what was happening.
There are two things I would have liked to hear but that were missing from the presentation:
- what is the drawback of using ReactPHP?
- how is ReactPHP working under the hood?

And wow, a GUI in PHP? The speaker must have a lot of spare time :P

Sven Stolk at 10:34 on 1 Jul 2017

Great talk, great humor and a very good to understand explanation of what is possible with php. One thing I would recommend is a bit more preparation of the visibility of your presentation. Black text on a dark blue background was unreadable. Same for the code examples, light grey on white.

Coen Dunnink at 10:58 on 1 Jul 2017


Nice examples; great speaker! Enthusiasm is very inspiring and makes me want to investigate React further.

Vladas Dirzys at 11:08 on 3 Jul 2017

Black text on a dark blue background was unreadable. I would have preferred depth over breadth with the examples. At some point it was difficult to follow what is going on. However, the presenter was really good, funny, knowledgeable. All in all, a very good talk.

Ellen Boven at 11:27 on 3 Jul 2017

nice talk, will certainly explore ReactPHP

I really enjoy this topic, and I was thrilled to be able to see a talk by someone so deeply embedded in the project. I think there were aspects of it thought could be improved, though. For example, I enjoyed the live audience participation, but feel it suffered because of the intermittent internet failure.

It seems like a contradiction to say that getting people to take part over the internet is good, but depending on the internet at all is bad. It's a difficult problem to solve, but I think having a local server (Raspi) or pre-configured, pre-started set of examples somewhere on the internet would go a long way to helping. That way, others could use mobile internet to connect – they wouldn't have to go through the conference internet to get to your machine. Or they could connect directly to a Raspi wifi hotspot and interact there.

I also feel as though the were perhaps too many small topics (this is how you use component x) instead of one larger, cohesive topic (this is what you can do with React). There is a huge deficit of documentation on how to build a wholistic application, which is what people need to see before they decide to build a whole application...

Arnout Boks at 08:47 on 4 Jul 2017

I liked the talk, the energetic presentation style and the demos. It sure made me enthousiastic about [strike]React PHP[/strike] the real React.

I do feel that the talk came across a bit unstructured and probably too fast-paced. I would have preferred less demos, bit with some more time to see what's under the hood, why such a thing would or wouldn't be a good idea, and how it compares to approaches without React. Also, the code was hard to read sometimes with the current color scheme.

Great talk
It is quite nice to see what PHP can actually accomplish