Highload fwdays'19 - a large-scale conference on high-load systems from fwdays. Was held on October 5 for the third year in a row. This conference is about all aspects of development and support of high-load systems: architecture, design, microservices, development, testing, optimization, databases, storage systems, support, system administration, management, data management. And all this in a world of big projects, high workloads: tens of gigabytes of data, hundreds of thousands of users, terabytes of traffic.

First time in Ukraine!
Jeff Atwood - Co-founded the computer programming Q&A website Stack Overflow.

And other best of the best speakers:
- Sergei Sokolenko — Senior Product Manager для Cloud Dataflow у Google, an active participant in the Apache Beam community;
- Julien Simon — Global AI & Machine Learning Evangelist у Amazon Web Services, frequently speaks at conferences;
- Arsen Kostenko — Senior Software Engineer at Media Intelligence team at Netflix;
- Denis Reznik — Data Architect at Intapp.Inc, Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2010;
- Dmytro Voloshyn — Co-founder&CTO at Preply.com;
- Marcia Villalba — Senior Full-stack Developer у Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, AWS Serverless Hero;
- Michael Krakovskiy — CTO in Modern Guild, has 20 years of experience in building high traffic websites;
- Kirill Latysh — CTO у Сools Inc, highload expert;
- Yevgen Lysenko — Co-founder & CTO at Concert.ua – the leading Ukrainian ticketing company;

Talked about:
- Apache Beam, Google Cloud Dataflow and Kafka
- optimization and scaling ML
- developing serverless applications with GraphQL
- AWS Lambda in a high-load PHP application
- MySQL 8.0 — tips & tricks,
- graph-based problems and their solution with Neo4j
- Creating a DevOps culture

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