Talk comments

Kieren Evans at 14:26 on 19 Jun 2015

Great enthusiasm in delivery and good content being delivered!

Really good presentation content and delivery.

Really good intro to iKos and Drupal. Covered everything I wanted to know about both without going too deep. Really well delivered, nice relaxed speaking style.

One of the best talks i've seen in terms of delivery and content. The messages were really thought provoking, the delivery was passionate and engaging and the slide content was visually stunning.

Presented the theory very well indeed. Really nice presentation and speaking style. The visuals on the slide could be a bit clearer - maybe move away from the excel version.

Passionate and engaging, with a good message

Inspiring and intriguing talk by Ben and Alistair about what we've technically improved in the company, where our heading could be in near future and what's on our 'tech radar'.