Talk comments

Interesting topic and well presented, both the overview and personal opinions (I love how they were set clearly as opinions rather than absolute truths).
The timing could be better (there were parts skimmed-through or skipped altogether) and could use more rehearsal (long pauses and search for better words - especially given timing).

Important topic and great presentation. But the content seemed to focus more on the problems rather than solutions or even intermediary steps. It provokes the thoughts and discussions, but I believe it's time we start acting on those issues rather than keep talking about them.

The talk was great and the topic is spot-on. Yet the most desired part in this is the bridge between theory and practice which I did not find covered wide enough.

Interesting and thought provoking. Exactly what one would expect from Marcello

Both motivating and demotivating at the same time. It's incredible goals that we set for ourselves and amazing ways to achieve them. Sadly, that's often detached from everyday reality (on the upside, this got some conversations going and the ball rolling to bridge the gap).
Time keeping and slide sync could be improved

As good as it gets - Golden Mahdi standard

It was fantastic!

Josh Porter at 12:31 on 10 Jun 2016

Great technical overview of Spryker, with honest feedback on it too.

Very good!

Gareth Midwood at 21:59 on 9 Jun 2016

Great info on creating an open source tool. Loved the sections you broke the journey into, it gave a really clear path on how to do this for yourself. Top stuff

Denis Kenjar at 14:48 on 9 Jun 2016

Really good presentation about how Ghost Inspector can benefit to the whole development process.