Our regular internal conference brings together all of our offices to share their knowledge and experiences. Icon (formerly Dev Day) started out as a way for developers to meet each other and learn about the cool things their colleagues were working on. We’ve since expanded it to welcome project managers, QA, business analysts and more, to further collaboration.

Wednesday 29th November 2017

Embracing Technology
Keynote by Ben Longden, Richard Jones in Alt (25 minutes)


Inviqa's vocabulary: the bad and the ugly
Talk by Isobel Pearce, Luise Lenzner, Sarah Hunt in Alt (20 minutes)

Inviqa's marketing team hosts and participates in a live, Room 101 chat show to banish the worst words and phrases used to describe Inviqa. Expect bad language and audience participation.

A customer experience focussed discovery (service blueprint mapping)
Talk by Mike Body, Drew Murdoch, Giles Airey in Tab (20 minutes)

The pace of digital change has created a disrupted marketplace where services such as Uber and Netflix have thrived due to incumbents not keeping pace. Thornbury Nursing Services are a client who wants to rethink their service offering to not just survive but prosper in this environment. By putting a greater emphasis on exploring the nurse's experience (what they are thinking, feeling and doing) and mapping out how Thornbury can digitally cater for their needs we have been able to create a variety of exciting, value focussed opportunities and ideas. These will maintain Inviqa as a long term partner of Thornbury, further their standing as the premium Nursing agency in the UK and support their launch in the US market.

Intro to Spryker
Workshop by Sam Burns in Shift (45 minutes)

An introductory tutorial to developing with the Spyrker ecommerce framework. We will start off by looking through the structure of a sample application, then add some features to our site. You will leave with a basic understanding of Spryker architecture and development.

What is agile coaching anyway?
Talk by Damian Crawford in Alt (20 minutes)

Another day, another poorly run agile framework implementation... Ever wondered what an Agile Coach actually does, what impact they can have on the team and why you would ever need one to make your project a true success? Then this talk is for you.

Ansible automation, the Inviqa way
Talk by Marco Massari Calderone in Tab (20 minutes)

A talk about how we have used Ansible in the past year and how we plan to use it in the area of Automation not covered by Hem, Chef or Docker, providing a few real case scenarios

A new Approach for Improving Estimations with Content Discovery Workshops
Talk by richard jones in Alt (45 minutes)

The Discovery phase is the foundation of any technology project. During this process we can understand the project from the perspective of the stakeholder and bring everyone together with a common understanding before diving into development. Ideally, our Discovery phase will generate a backlog of user stories that we can prioritise based on their value to the end user and start planning how we can meet these requirements. However, with content driven projects it’s easy to fall into a trap where user stories don’t map easily to the tasks or capabilities of the system. This is when estimation becomes less accurate - especially when some stories appear to be “0 points” because the functionality is “out of the box”. In this session, we’ll present the idea of a Content Discovery Workshop - which starts with the assumption that the value in the project is the content itself and not the technology that delivers. In addition we can extend this workshop concept to Personalisation - so that we can gather all of the unknowns together with confidence. Taking this approach to discovery helps the tasks required for estimation more accurately match the business goals - and also works as a checklist to make sure no area has been missed.

GDPR and security by design
Talk by Andy Thompson in Tab (45 minutes)

GDPR is coming. May 2018 will bring in a huge change to regulations over personal data, and one of those practices that directly impacts how we work is security by design

Scala - from zero to an app
Workshop by Sarunas Valaskevicius, Marco Lopes in Shift (45 minutes)

We'll model a simple game in Scala - leveraging types to drive the development of the application. No prior Scala experience needed, suited for any developer. We will, however, need to bring laptops and enthusiasm to the session

Predicting & Influencing with Kanban metrics
Talk by Steve Purkis, Adam Scott in Alt (20 minutes)

Your project’s going off the rails! You’re not sure if you’ll be able to deliver everything the client wants in the time they can afford. You have a great delivery team, but feel you could perform even better…What do you do? Don’t wait for it to go wrong to introduce metrics! ? In this session, we’ll explore the metrics we developed for Eigensonne and the FT Investors Chronicle replatform to eZ, looking at how they evolved over time, and how they were used to predict and influence project delivery.

Drupal 8 adventures with Arsenal FC
Talk by Feliksas Mazekis, Steve Richards in Tab (20 minutes)

Arsenal FC relaunched on Drupal 8 this year! We had some crazy adventures with symfony components, contrib modules and external API's to name but a few - come along for the ride as we touch on the technical highlights with Felix and Steve.

Impact Mapping in Action
Workshop by Mike Body in Shift (45 minutes)

A talk / workshop on impact mapping. It will involve Mike introducing the impact mapping technique, showing a few real examples and then breaking the room up into groups who will create their own impact maps. The great thing about impact maps is that they can be used for many different kinds of projects / initiatives for PS, marketing, sales or finance. They can help analyse who are the actors that can help / hinder a goal and explore what changes or initiatives can be undertaken to achieve the goals in the shortest possible time.

The Tao of Influence
Talk by Marcello Duarte in Alt (20 minutes)

What are the attributes of an influencer? What tools can a aspiring leaders rely for exerting effective influence on their peers and managers? Some lessons from the trenches on influencing behaviour, strategy moves and organisational development.

Project demo: does your Agile process really need it?
Talk by Dalia Valaskeviciene, Sweta Pandey in Tab (20 minutes)

Dalia and Sweta are pairing up and doing a talk about the project demo. The talk will focus on benefits of the demo and why it is not in our best interest to skip it. We will try to break the myth that you can have sprint demo at the end of sprint only. We will also talk about different types of demos depending on the size of the team and project requirements. Come to this talk if you are interested in what happens and what should happen during project demos. We will also share some tips and secrets of doing a successful presentation. This talk aims at raising the awareness in project delivery teams but we promise that the content is light enough for anyone who works at Inviqa.

Observations from the Cheap Seats
Keynote by Miles Davidson in Alt (40 minutes)

One person's view of the impact of being 'business first' and a whole bunch of questions explored. Sales are down since we changed – were we right to change? Are the client's buying? What are they buying? How do we sell Business First? What do the consultants do? Discoveries are getting bigger, why and isn't that less agile? What's with Content and Commerce and Innovation? I heard we're moving to verticals? What's that about? What does a Practice Director do?