Talk comments


Sehr gute Darstellung über eine ausgereifte Continuous Integration-Lösung. Allerdings denke ich, dass der Begriff Continuous Deployment nicht passt - denn dann würde man mehrmals am Tag ein Release ausrollen statt standardmäßig nur einmal die Woche.

This talk was a good introduction to MongoDB. From this talk, I feel confident that were I to go the NoSQL route, I would know where to start. Nate showed how MongoDB could act as a MySQL alternative, but I was hoping for more of an explanation as to why one would choose MongoDB or any NoSQL database. I am still looking for a compelling reason to begin using MongoDB in a project.

Nice presentation on the pitfalls of ORM-based frameworks. I would have liked to see a little more on alternative solutions. Maybe an example of how to achieve the same time to market or more a more maintainable solution using something like PEAR. It is easy enough to say "don't do this", but that leaves people stranded. Adding "try it this way instead" would make the presentation much more helpful.

Amazing slides, even more amazing talk and most amazing speaker ;-)

No, seariously, was informing and entertaining => nice one.

Great talk. Motivated speaker, interesting topic.

Great talk! No use for my work, but I feel inspired. :-)

Slides are coming as soon as Slideshare has fixed their month-old bug that breaks presentations with duplicate names...

Fun talk, covered all important aspects, good slides, hands-on example and plenty of good Q&A.

Will never use it, but nice proof of concept.