Have you ever thought “I’d like to use AWS for my PHP application, but it’s so complicated!”? With over 70 distinct services available, how can you possibly learn them all or even decide which ones you need in the first place?

Join me in this session as we grow a simple LAMP server into a scalable, fault-tolerant, highly-available, secure application stack on AWS. Whether you’ve already got some experience with AWS, or all you know so far is how to spell it, you’ll walk away from this talk armed with the essentials for running PHP workloads on AWS!


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Solid talk, clearly communicated. Would've liked a little more info relevant to php applications specifically, but given the time constraint this was a great talk that made the oft-confusing AWS configuration clearer for me.

Darren Wright at 11:40 on 20 Apr 2018

Good overview, was a lot of information.

Wun Chiou at 12:36 on 20 Apr 2018

Good talk, with particularly good visualizations that made it really easy to understand.

Philip at 09:34 on 21 Apr 2018

very informative

Jason McGuire at 13:03 on 21 Apr 2018

Needed this. Thanks!

Difficult topic to cover in under an hour but I personally still got a lot out of the session, nuggets of insight for most of the different AWS services mentioned and the speaker clearly knew his stuff. Thanks!

Al Bunch at 15:53 on 21 Apr 2018

You don't need to be deploying an enterprise size application to use AWS and this presentation made that patently obvious. If you've never used AWS before this might help remove some of the mystery.