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Rebecca Troth at 12:32 on 7 Dec 2016

Mage Titans was amazing!!

I had the absolute pleasure of not only attending but also speaking and I loved every second. Everyone there was so lovely and had a genuine passion for Magento, from the organisers to the speakers to the attendees and you could feel it in the atmosphere there.

I have said it before and I will say it again, The Comedy store is a superb venue, even if it did get a bit crowded at times!!

If I had to name one downside, it would be that there was nowhere really at the afterparty to go and have a chat (except outside - brrrrr), the music was very loud so it was hard to hold a conversation. But that is me really nit-picking because the food, drinks and party atmosphere was great there too!

Great idea having a photobooth there too ;)

Great day and venue. Food was excellent, talks were very interesting and came away with a lot of ideas and theories to help going forwards.

Great bunch of people both attendees and everyone running and exhibiting there.

Can't wait for the next one.

Pablo Benitez at 16:31 on 13 Nov 2016

Thanks for all the hard work you put on this event guys.

It was a nice detail having coaches waiting for attendees to take them to the After Party, lovely.

The venue, selection of food, coffee breaks and everything was awesome!

Hope I can come back again next year!