Talk comments

A brilliant, light hearted take on the serious subject of updating your Magento site.

James is a great speaker. Interesting content, well structured.

Interesting to listen to Max' stories about migrating a real project over to M2. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for taking the time to show up at a small community conference like this one!

Very well presented and highly relevant real-life information. Thanks for sharing!

Ben, great person, great host - as always! :)

I've never seen a presentation from Vinai that wasn't highly interesting and very well presented and this one is no exception. It's good to see that Vinai doesn't take things for granted (like "traditional" OOP), explores new things and shares it with the rest of the community. Inspiring as always :)

Hi Rebecca,
I'm a cat person :) But I still really liked your presentation. Good job presenting and good content, too!

Andy Pimlett at 11:19 on 15 Nov 2016

Really enjoyed this presentation by Max. As a frontender we've had more than our share of headaches with Magento 2 but to get some insights into the future offers some needed light at the end of the tunnel.

Andy Pimlett at 11:17 on 15 Nov 2016

Found this extremely interesting; partly to get a sense of calibration about our own practice but also to get some ideas to take back and take a look at.