Our March Meetup will be hosted by Flexmail (https://flexmail.be). We are thankful they'll open their doors for us. They will provide food & drinks so everyone can come straight after work!

Thursday 28th March 2019

19:30 Profiling PHP Applications
Talk by Ike Devolder (50 minutes)

What is profiling and how can we measure the performance of our application? There are several tools we can use. Once we have the tools, how do we approach profiling. What to look for. And caveats to avoid when profiling. To finish up, we should avoid that our client is complaining about performance, how can we pro actively use profiling to improve our application. When finished we will end up with a nice toolbox of profiling tools and good ideas how to do profiling and avoid some common mistakes that might distract you from the real optimization.

20:40 Microservices in a Monolith
Talk by Joop Lammerts (30 minutes)

Microservices are hot. But what if you have legacy and implementing microservices is nearly impossible. Is this the end of the world? Does this mean you are doomed? No, you can have the best of both worlds. Our legacy Procurios monolith is 15 years old. Today, we find the costs of splitting that codebase into services too high. And to be completely honest; we benefit too much. With event sourcing, discipline and hard work we have both the benefits of services and of our big pile of clean code. So let me tell you how you can build independent, mutually unaware applications. On top of that, I’ll share some secret monolith benefits...