Talk comments

Anonymous at 12:49 on 18 Mar 2012

nice and interesting talk

The speaker had an interesting background. But he was clearly a beginner speaker so the presentation looked a bit "amateur". Too bad, because there was some good content but not enough highlighted.

Unexpected, but great talk. Reminded me of some college fun.

Yes it was funny. And not so "common sense", otherwise the UX would be great everywhere. Good key principles to keep in mind.

Would have loved to have a deeper look into the various Instruments. But still it was a good overview of what's possible. Fact is if you want to be proficient with Instruments, you have to use it a lot and make some experiments by yourself.

Really nice session, with useful tools and some great tips. Especially if combined with the Instruments talk.

Short, but even if Mike only said "Be great to each other", it would have been enough for this opening. That's the point.

That wasn't the worst presentation I've ever seen but it was not good enough for that conference.

I started my iOS developer's career with Jeff's blog so that was really big pleasure to listen to him. The topic was really interesting and useful for me. He is a brilliant speaker and he's able to explain really complicated things just in few words.