On 27 September 2017 the Magento ecosystem will gather in Brussels! Business and technical tracks, +200 attendees, 38 speakers and a lovely network evening! If you're working with Magento, interested in Magento, you have absolutely no reason to not show up!

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Opening session
Keynote by Pieter Caluwaerts, Lydia Schaffranek in room mollie (30 minutes)

Opening session with practical information

Magento Roadmap
Keynote by Paul Boisvert in room mollie (30 minutes)

Magento Roadmap

Keynote by Sponsors in room mollie (30 minutes)

Our lovely sponsors will be holding a speed pitch. Can they respect timing? Can adyen, mollie, Dotmailer, Acquia, Byte, Europabank, Studio Emma, SII, Jmango360, Smile and PHPro convince you?

The Fun Case: Omni-channel in Retail
Workshop by Sven De Waele in room mollie (30 minutes)

How omni-channel retailing is done at Fun and what roll Magento plays in this story.

Magento 2 PHP Development Best Practices
Workshop by Gabriel Somoza in room adyen (30 minutes)

This talk will guide you through the most relevant features of the Magento 2 architecture, with a focus on how you can pair them with latest PHP development best-practices during the process of designing and building your own components.

BeCommerce Market Monitor
Workshop by Gert-Jan Struye in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

Providing information of the Belgian e-commerce market. Research by GFK. Target groups are both webshops and e-commerce suppliers.

Enforcing Code Quality with GrumPHP
Workshop by Toon Verwerft in room acquia (30 minutes)

Sick and tired of defending code quality over and over again? GrumPHP will do it for you! During this session, you will learn how a simple tool can keep your codebase clean. GrumPHP will not only improve your codebase, but will also teach your co-workers to write better code following the best practices you’ve determined as a team.

The Larcier Group Case
Workshop by Marc Hendrikx in room mollie (30 minutes)

How does the Larcier Group use Magento in their IT environment? Come and find out!

Messing Up Dependency Injection
Workshop by Jisse Reitsma in room adyen (30 minutes)

I will teach you some best practices for Dependency Injection within Magento 2. Topics that will be covered in my presentations: Dependency Injection, ObjectManager & Factory, what about Helpers?, $context?, … .

Google Analytics hacks for Magento
Workshop by Jente De Ridder in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

Discover the full potential of Google Analytics by customizing the standard reporting. Jente will share creative uses of Google Analytics for ecommerce websites. Goal of the presentation is to provide inspiration for your own use cases.

Automatically deploying magento2 without losing sleep
Workshop by Ike Devolder in room acquia (30 minutes)

In this talk we’ll speak about some of the complexities of magento2 to get it deployed. And how you can automate all these complexities so you can rest assured your site will stay online even when you just pushed something that breaks the whole site.

The E5 mode case: what comes after omnichannel?
Workshop by Pascal Sabbe in room mollie (30 minutes)

e5 has been working hard on it’s omnichannel roadmap the last years. Not seen from the outside, we are silently preparing the next big technological revolution. We’ll share some insights on what comes after omnichannel.

How to kickstart your Magento 2 Theme
Workshop by Sandro Wagner in room adyen (30 minutes)

Target audience: Frontend Developers with scope on Magento 2, either new to the Magento eco system or in the transition from M1 > M2 Abstract: Despite some similarities to Magento 1 the new frontend workflow comes with a lot of new concepts, approaches and technologies. From my own experience it can be frustrating even to experienced Magento 1 Developers to get productive in Magento 2. I will guide through the basic concepts of templating in Magento 2, covering theme fallback, scaffolding, layout XML, PHTML Blocks and focus on the implementation and usage of the built in themes. Therefore I will give a very brief introduction to the Magento 2 CSS library and its use cases & caveats.

What are the Benefits of implementing an Order Management System?
Workshop by Philippe Bernou in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

Online and offline businesses have different organizational histories and were built to meet different needs. To deliver an exceptional omni-channel experience these silos have to merge and become one integrated system. Magento OMS has been designed to talk to any system and allows to leverage existing infrastructure.

Magento hackers
Workshop by Tim Muller in room acquia (30 minutes)

Key focus: In the last two years of MageReport development, we’ve seen different kind of security issues. What can we do to make our shops more secure? Can we detect vulnerabilities sooner to reduce the impact? Key Points: What we have seen how security hacks and issues have developed. What should/could be done to notice a security issue earlier. Key Message: Security is important, you should always be aware of vulnerabilities, and be ready when the shop is compromised.

AI, chatbots & robots
Workshop by Deevid De Meyer in room mollie (30 minutes)

Artificial intelligence sounds like real science fiction for some people. And for a good reason! We’re currently still far away from robots that can think, feel, understand, interpret… But where are we now? What does artificial intelligence mean in 2017? To what extent can we simulate human intelligence in machines? And most importantly: what are the business cases today? Chatbots and robots are important research domains in artificial intelligence. Furthermore, they are huge buzzwords in 2017. They form a whole new generation of human-computer interaction. We will talk about the possibilities, the business cases, the technologies behind them and we will illustrate this with demonstrations.

Help! I accidentally built a microservice
Workshop by Fabian Schmengler in room adyen (30 minutes)

Microservices are a huge trend currently. Their promises are simpler components that can be deployed and scaled independently. But unsurprisingly, this comes with additional maintenance cost, so they are not a silver bullet. I am going to share how I ended up with something like microservices without intending it, because it made sense, not because it’s the latest hot shit™. You will see examples for the overall architecture of microservices extracted from Magento and some advice for their implementation. More importantly, you will learn when and how this benefits your business.

The App Economy
Workshop by Eelco van Wijk in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

Nowadays, no one will dispute anymore that mobile devices are on their way to becoming the #1 channel for internet usage. However, new changes are on the horizon. Eelco will paint the picture of a profound, yet almost undocumented, change in the way consumers shop on their mobile devices. Using figures from a variety of independent sources, he will show that the next pivot point for Online Retailers is the m-commerce App. The App economy will have significant impact on most of your business drivers as an Online Retailer: search & online marketing, development, and on loyalty. Lastly, he will shed his light on some of the most hotly debated topics among Online Retailers, such as: “Responsive website, native app, or both?”, and “What are the costs involved of making my business ready for the Mobile era?”.

Magento 2 and Openshift, a recipe for success
Workshop by Toon Van Dooren in room acquia (30 minutes)

I will show that Magento 2 is not slow using Docker and NFS. I also want to talk about scalability and performance. My target audience is developers, devops, sysadmins.

Unified Commerce of Daniel Wellington, Happy Socks and Ace & Tate
Workshop by Rufus Veenstra in room mollie (30 minutes)

Linking the world of internet and the physical world

Manipulating Magento: make it do what you want
Workshop by Joke Puts in room adyen (30 minutes)

How can you make Magento do what you want? In Magento 2 there are a lot of ways to add customizations. What are your options? Can you do a rewrite like in Magento 1? Should you use an event to add that business-critical logic when your invoice reaches state paid? Or is a plugin a better option? Maybe it’s the only option. What’s the deal with dependency injection and why do I need interfaces? In this talk we’re going to explore all the possibilities.

Impact of digital on the retail industry
Workshop by Lionel Soccal in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

Impact of digital on the retail industry, presentation by Google.com

Surviving Magento 2 coding with the right tools
Workshop by Riccardo Tempesta in room acquia (30 minutes)

Developing in Magento 2 requires higher and more interdisciplinary skills compared to those required for M1. Templating is more complex and involved and it is more difficult to exactly tell what piece of code does what; furthermore, in some cases the boilerplate code assumed really remarkable dimensions. However, the customization possibility in M2 are even more extensive than it was in M1. So how it’s possible for the M2 full stack developer to do the job? With the right tools to have the job done, of course! We will present a selection of tools and plugins to help M2 developers disentangle themselves in the forest of M2 codebase: PHP Storm, Magicento 2, Xdebug, GIT, Pestle, CodeMonkey, MSP DevTools; each of these with applied examples and real-life case studies.

The Roularta Media Group case: Magento integrated in the digital platform
Workshop by Peter Thiers in room mollie (30 minutes)

Key Message: The Roularta Magento webshops for subscriptions and line extensions are not stand-alone applications, but are part of an integrated digital platform that includes the news-and content- sites and apps, customer self service, identity & access management. Backoffice integrations, reporting and tracking setups help us to continuously optimize the customer journey. Target audience: business/marketing (but also technical people) interested in e-commerce embedded in a broader media platform and strategy.

Magento 2 UI Components – The JS part
Workshop by Maria Kern in room adyen (30 minutes)

The UI Components define a major part of the Magento 2 frontend and are closely linked to the backend logic. No matter whether you are frontend- or backend-developer, it is mandatory to understand and operate with these Javascript components. Especially changing and extending those, for example in the checkout, is a challenge for all of us. An overview about the initialization, the structure, the usage, the customization possibilities, risks and opportunities is given by this presentation. Possible solutions for debugging are shown as well.

Challenges & opportunities to connect 100+ marketplaces and price comparison tools with Magento
Workshop by Mike Boon in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

Push all of your Magento product data to European marketplaces like Amazon, BOL, FNAC, Intermarché, eBay, … and more than 100 others. But also to many price comparators and data feeds like Idealo, Twenga and Google Shopping without the need to learn the different interfaces. In addition, all marketplace orders are gathered in your Magento platform for operational and administrative follow-up and handling. An operational salvation!

Harnessing the power of BlueFoot for developers
Workshop by John Hughes in room acquia (30 minutes)

BlueFoot has been a revelation for CMS within Magento since launching last April and as it is due to become part of the Magento core as ‘Magento Advanced CMS’ by the end of 2017 it isn’t going away anytime soon. However, BlueFoot isn’t just a fancy tool for the merchants we support to take more control over the content on their sites, it is an incredibly flexible and extensible, developer friendly platform that can revolutionise the way you approach creating solutions for Magento. Talk sections: Brief overview of BlueFoot, its features and Magento acquisition Overview of the tech behind BlueFoot EAV Widget-esque approach Page builder blocks How developers can create their own attributes and page builder blocks to provide new content options for merchants Overview of some of the solutions that we have created with BlueFoot at Fisheye Where we see BlueFoot going and info on Magento core integrated future of the product Q&A

GDPR & Privacy
Workshop by Philippe De Backer in room mollie (30 minutes)

GDPR & Privacy

Open Source Magento 2: What and how?
Workshop by Max Yekaterynenko in room adyen (30 minutes)

Open Source Magento 2: What and how?

B2B E-commerce, connect or integrate?
Workshop by Henk Mensinga in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

What is the right approach in B2B e-commerce, simply connect to ERP or integrate e-commerce in the whole IT and business landscape? Examples to help understand the right approach for a successful B2B e-commerce solution.

Write history, keep a diary
Workshop by Jachim Coudenys in room acquia (30 minutes)

Nowadays developers, and others, have the habit to use Git or other version control systems when writing software. While the benefits of this are mostly seen by means of pull/merge requests, easy “”undo”” functionality, team collaboration and others, the real benefit is history. When did we change this piece of code, and more importantly: why? By using clever commit message and branch strategies, you can reconstruct the way your or your colleagues’ brain was thinking a year ago! It will help you pinpoint the exact ticket where a client requested a specific change and by who it was sanctioned. Start keeping a diary today, and write history!

GDPR & Security
Workshop by Chris Debyser in room mollie (30 minutes)

What is the impact of GDPR in ecommerce projects and how to deal with it? Get concrete action points out of this session for your online shop.

Magento2 Import in detail
Workshop by Nils Preuß in room adyen (30 minutes)

I will show the differences of using the build in import/export interface between M1&M2, the special format of data needed for M2, the possible pitfalls if using it in M2 and some ideas/solutions to work around those. The talk will be mostly for developers that need to build an interface between their ERP and their Magento shop.

How to leverage Open Source solutions to meet B2B customers’ expectations
Workshop by Guillaume Sautereau in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

B2B eBusiness is fast growing and will continue to do so for the coming years. There are multiple types of “B” with various needs and the modern B2B shoppers is more and more looking for premium buying experiences similar to those he’s used to as a B2C customer. We’ll see how Open Source solutions (including Magento) can provide the agility, modularity and seamless integration to the IT ecosystem needed to cater for these needs.

Measure your Magento Performance with Mage.coach
Workshop by Ray Bogman in room acquia (30 minutes)

Mage.coach is a set of Open Source tools that helps make your Magento web pages faster. It help you to get a better overview of all frontend optimisation details and how to fix them. Mage.coach is a project create by and for the Magento community to improve the quality of the code. At the MM17BE session we look under need the hood of this project and how it can help you. More details on the project: https://mage.coach/ https://run.mage.coach/

GDPR. Et alors?
Workshop by Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert in room mollie (30 minutes)

Key message: is the GDPR the new millennium bug or not? Get the bigger picture on Privacy and the GDPR: the USP of data protection.

Magento 2.2 Technical Update
Workshop by Anton Kril in room adyen (30 minutes)

Anton will present technical details about Magento 2.2 update, and will share future plans for platform evolution.

The promise of personalized shopping experiences becomes reality
Workshop by Luc Bomans in room dotmailer (30 minutes)

Magento 2 is a top player in e-commerce; Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the leading enterprise solution for content management providing maximum flexibility to marketers. Combining AEM & Magento leads to the best customer experience.

Varnish for Magento developers
Workshop by Mattias Geniar in room acquia (30 minutes)

This talk is highly technical and explains what Varnish is, how it works, which pitfalls to overcome and how to create a good caching strategy for your Magento webshop.

Building an Inclusive Magento Community
Keynote by Sherrie Rohde in room mollie (30 minutes)

Together, the Magento community organizes events in over 30 countries around the globe. There are certified Magento Developers and Solution Specialists on six out of seven continents. As ecommerce professionals, we have many roles and responsibilities including, but not limited to, developers, marketers, merchandisers, designers, analysts, and customer support specialists. While we can’t agree on which operating system is the best for our multiple devices, we can agree that diversity plays an important role in technology and innovation. How then can we, as a community, and as individuals, work together to build an inclusive Magento community?

Closing Talk
Keynote by Pieter Caluwaerts in room mollie (30 minutes)

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