Talk comments

Chris' heartfelt delivery was incredibly engaging. I was challenged in all sorts of good ways, and will remember his bravery as I strive to face my own difficult conversations.

This was awesome despite Drew's initial presentation hiccup (which wasn't as bad as he thought). By the end of camp, I was able to interact with several members of Drew's team or see them present. While his team didn't appear to be particularly diverse, they provided an otherwise great illustration of the effectiveness of the message he delivered.

It was great, even though it made me a little uncomfortable. But that's fine, since the development situations in which improv would help also make me uncomfortable. This handily made his point, and I'm confident that getting more confident with improv would make me more competent in development.

Les Lim at 22:25 on 3 Apr 2017

I agree with Jeff - it seemed to me like "have a chart to plan each person's project allocation for each week" should have been the start of the presentation, but it turned out to be pretty close to the end. But there was a good amount of time for questions, which I appreciate, and we had a good BoF on Saturday to talk through some challenges.

Awesome. I had to nod in agreement with various things I've done in the past, but had either never tied together, or had simply forgotten. I learned new things too. Now I need to start doing it.

Tim Madden at 16:20 on 3 Apr 2017

I appreciate your extensive content