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Overall, it was a great couple of days!

Great group of presentations, I really like this venue.

Couple of things:
1. Lunch on Sunday could have been better.
2. (and this is minor), if you do it at this venue again and provide refreshments, could you make sure that you cover the law school rooms? there were a couple of times where I was at 2 sessions in 235/238, but wanted to grab a cookie.. it's quite a trek back to the auditorium and then back to those rooms. When sessions ran long, this was impossible.

As an attendee: A wide variety of topics, sets of talks that were complimentary, nice venue, nice party, good mix of technical and non-technical talks, breakfast and afternoon snack provided, had Dr. Pepper :-)
As a speaker: Felt very welcome (e.g., organizers picked me up personally from the airport), session rooms were equipped well with easy A/V gear and water bottles, nice auditorium, event seemed to run without hiccups

As an attendee: Uncon received very little attention and had almost no presentations, day 2's lunch was not great, each day ended at 4 (would have liked 1 or 2 more presentations to increase value of ticket purchase), not many PHP-specific talks
As a speaker: Speaker dinner not as glamorous as other conferences (but was still very enjoyable, thank you)
As a sponsor: Not enough foot traffic to booths. (Disclaimer: I wasn't a sponsor at this event, but I have sponsored other similar events, so I notice things.)

OVERALL: Great job, organizers! Great content. Lots of fun. Would consider coming again. :-)