Talk comments

I am just discovering Laravel Framework and it was really great and easy to absorb set of info. Thank you!

The meat of the talk was insightful and instructive, though it never quite made a connection back to the title and the presentation itself seemed a little under-rehearsed. Nonetheless, the speaker came off as knowledgeable on the subject matter. It was unfortunate the accompanying code samples weren't incorporated into the talk (time constraint?) as they look as if they would've added value. Over all, well done.

I've been freelancing a long time and I still picked up several gems from this talk. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Anonymous at 19:35 on 17 Mar 2015

The variety of ways presented showing how one can contribute to open source are helpful in finding workable options for the regular-person to give back.

Anonymous at 19:28 on 17 Mar 2015

Full of valuable tools and techniques for taking the right steps after things go wrong.

Anonymous at 19:26 on 17 Mar 2015

Great informative and engaging presentation.

Anonymous at 19:24 on 17 Mar 2015

Nice demonstration of getting an app up and running with Silex.

Anonymous at 19:12 on 17 Mar 2015

Great presentation full of useful methods to scale a site. Better yet, the techniques can be extended beyond WordPress.

Anonymous at 19:09 on 17 Mar 2015

Informative presentation from an intelligent and enthusiastic source. Maybe a little less pacing back and forth though?