This is the third annual Midwest PHP Conference located in downtown Minneapolis at the University of St Thomas campus. This is a two day PHP conference put on by the Minnesota PHP User Group. Tickets will go fast so make sure to get yours as soon as possible. For more information about the conference please visit


Accessibility: The Forgotten Piece you need to know to become a complete Developer
Keynote by Joe Devon
Your inner Sysadmin
Talk by Chris Tankersley
Hack - Why Should I Care?
Talk by Joel Clermont
PHP Extensions
Talk by Elizabeth Marie Smith
Developing and Deploying PHP with Docker
Talk by Patrick Mizer
Getting TLS Right
Talk by Zack Tollman
Drupal 8: The Crash Course
Talk by Larry Garfield
MySQL 5.7 -- New Features, Better Performance, and Things That Will Break
Talk by Dave Stokes
Practical Deployments for Average Projects
Talk by Jonathan Reinink
Container Coding
Talk by Patrick Schwisow
You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer's Interface
Talk by Eryn O'Neil
What's in Your Project Root?
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom
Bringing Sculpin to Life
Talk by Beau Simensen
Continuous Integration: Stop Procrastinating and Build Often!
Talk by Patrick Mizer
Speak HTTP and Consume APIs With Guzzle
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom
Demystifying the REST API
Talk by Samantha QuiƱones
Licensing and You
Talk by Chris Tankersley
Mentoring: Change the World One Hour at a Time
Talk by Beth Tucker Long
Demilitarizing HTTP -- Developing API's for Hostile Mobile Developers
Talk by Maxwell Vandervelde
Scaling WordPress
Talk by Zack Tollman
Navigating Your Git Repository
Talk by Gemma Anible
From Zero to Silex
Talk by Larry Garfield
Scaling Magento - Reaching Peak Performance
Talk by Mathew Beane
Project Triage: What to do When Everything Hits the Fan
Talk by Eryn O'Neil
Service Oriented Architecture: It's Time to Play Nice With Others!
Talk by Mike Willbanks