Talk comments

Jen Kramer at 10:55 on 12 Mar 2019

Thank you Amy - so pleased you enjoyed it!

Amy Gebhardt at 10:16 on 12 Mar 2019

Seriously awesome keynote. This talk included so many important points that tied into the theme of empathy with many practical suggestions for doing better.

Amy Gebhardt at 10:10 on 12 Mar 2019

Really fun, well-prepared talk! I was delighted that many of the themes apply to general CLI projects; not just limited to PHP.

Amy Gebhardt at 10:06 on 12 Mar 2019

This was mostly review for me but Jen delivered the content in such a fun, approachable way, especially for folks who don't normally write a whole lot of CSS! The examples were complete and though live-coding rarely goes well, she absolutely nailed it. It was well prepared and engaging.

Amy Gebhardt at 10:04 on 12 Mar 2019

Well delivered and super important content. Jessica was authentic and honest and it made the message even more powerful. This talk included themes that many of us need to be reminded of often (myself very much included).


Omni Adams at 09:32 on 12 Mar 2019

Probably my favorite talk of the conference.

Roger Creasy at 08:53 on 12 Mar 2019

Really good talk. I came away with some new tools I can use. Ian did a great job of starting with the familiar and moving on to more complex. I learned much and left with things to research and explore further.

Added some links to the "field guide" as well as videos available on YouTube for additional learning.

Noah Bratzel at 12:28 on 10 Mar 2019

I love this talk. Makes great points that should be considered even for teams that might not agree with every aspect. I could have used more info on how to automate the code style enforcement. It’s a great idea to “automate” it, but I’m left wondering how to do that in my work flow. The guard clauses could have used more arguments for why that might be an improvement over single returns. I think there’s more contention on that point that could have used discussion.

Noah Bratzel at 12:12 on 10 Mar 2019

Very thorough and well thought out talk on a very important topic. This one could have been a key note.