Talk comments

This was an incredible workshop, and an extraordinary approach to begin the gathering. The subject of Code Survey for Security suited the workshop arrange pleasantly, with all participants ready to go looking through the code themselves to discover vulnerabilities and talk about what they found. There was parts to learn, and Anthony was extraordinary at empowering proposals - as opposed to simply searching for right Generic Levitra .

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Anonymous at 21:28 on 21 Oct 2015

Nice! I love this amazing article! Thanks for sharing! =)

Main highlights for me:
- Content and pace. Although it felt quick in parts, it was very easy to follow along
- Live demo / recorded terminal and coding demo's were awesome! Helped with the pace ^^
- The pledge. Seriously, yus! More of this!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this talk (and the FiveEyes one the day before)!


Ending the talk with "because you might die tomorrow" really made this memorable :P

This was my favourite talk of the conference. Hadn't realised so little effort was required to make a site accessible to the vision impaired. Now I'll be doing it everywhere.

+1 to what Ben Dechrai said. Great talk, very informative, but the data was a little dated.

Also, the Black Vodka was dangerously delicious.