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Host: Northeast PHP
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Call for Papers: Closed.

The Northeast PHP Conference is a web developer conference focused on PHP, Web Technology, and UX.

There has been a lot of demand for such a conference in this region, and we are excited to be hosting it again. We are bringing in over 300 attendees from across the northeast and beyond.

The Northeast PHP Conference is a community conference intended for networking and collaboration in the developer community.

While grounded in PHP, the Northeast PHP Conference is not just about PHP. As the organizers know, most PHP developers are working on websites and applications, which means that they need more than just PHP skills to get ahead. The User Experience / Web Technology track helps these developers broaden their skill sets and expand their knowledge & experience.

We are entirely non-profit. All money will be used to pay for the conference itself, including food and other expenses required to run a conference of this size. Please show your support and help us create one of the best conferences in the northeast region.