Talk comments

I learned that I need use more of PHP 5.x features. I did feel that there was a little TOO much information to cover in the time period allotted.

Anonymous at 15:41 on 22 Sep 2014

Great talk.

Constructive Criticism
I've used Rest APIs, so a bit familiar, but it was a little too abstract and made assumptions about knowing those abstractions. A lot of info for 45 minutes..


Superb Talk, Very new to Composer. You mentioned staying away from the "Vendor Blackbox" however I want clear how to use composer if I work for a Vender that offers a HAAS appliance

You gave a wonderful talk. Please keep on expanding with your personal journey into the coding world. There is wisdom in your stories.

Wonderful speaker, Thank you for coming!

As a beginner, this really lined up how to use Composer.

You cannot say these topics enough! Outside of human error, these are the daily hurtles.