Talk comments

Andrew Howe at 17:54 on 26 Aug 2017

An interesting and fun little project. Always nice to see the end result / output of a project too; the 'seasons changing' video was interesting to see.

Andrew Howe at 17:51 on 26 Aug 2017

Possibly my favourite talk of the weekend. Great to see Diffie–Hellman key exchange described in a simple and understandable way (with coloured chocolate M&Ms :) ). Will have to remember that one!

Andrew Howe at 17:50 on 26 Aug 2017

Fascinating talk. Planning to look into Matrix some more. Interesting project, with great potential!

Andrew Howe at 17:49 on 26 Aug 2017

Will definitely be checking out the next Mate release. Looks great. Well presented, too.

Andrew Howe at 17:49 on 26 Aug 2017

An annoying problem solved by some (relatively) simple code. Loved it! Always nice to be reminded that anyone can solve a problem by trying a bit of coding!

Andrew Howe at 17:48 on 26 Aug 2017

Liked the debate parts of the show. Always interesting to hear controversial tech topics debated. Have to agree quite strongly with Mark on the issue of 'censorship'. Also enjoyed the discussion on the future of Ubuntu following the ditching of Unity. Good stuff.

Andrew Howe at 17:46 on 26 Aug 2017

Loved the concept. Fun and interesting to see the project through from inception to completion. Good talk.

Andrew Howe at 17:46 on 26 Aug 2017

Varied and interesting. Lightning talks are always a fun one :)

Andrew Howe at 17:45 on 26 Aug 2017

Interesting content. Liked the 'case study' part about using open data to win changes in the workplace. Good talk.

Andrew Howe at 17:44 on 26 Aug 2017

Enjoyable talk. It was interesting hearing the challenges with repairing modern tech, like issues with dead micro-controllers etc rendering otherwise usable equipment useless.