Talk comments

Looking forward to seeing the slides for this.

I don't see a claim button for this talk. I will add some links via comments.

Dave Morriss at 13:21 on 21 Aug 2018

I've noticed people talking about Matrix on social media, and this talk helped to give me a clear view of what it is and where it's going

Dave Morriss at 13:18 on 21 Aug 2018

Mike has a very humorous and entertaining delivery and the subject was something we should all be aware of

A note for Richard: thank you for your comment and it is really helpful. On Sat. I did the first part of my presentation and on Sunday I went more into the tech side, as i had run into my 25 mins limit far too quickly on Sat. I will try and put up links to the real tech stuff for everyone to review. - thx Mike

Ashley at 18:53 on 20 Aug 2018

a great way to end the event. Thanks for the orange dinosaur, power pack thing and penguin

Ashley at 18:52 on 20 Aug 2018