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Loud voice but good content. Good content and very humor rich.

This was actually a good sponsor talk. I'm really suprised :)

Good and humorous talk!

very enthausiastic speaker, maybe a bit too enthausiastic. His voice was very loud, but this got fixed later on.

A good and fun presentation, good spontaneous humor in it.

Had a good laugh at this presentation. Good content. Sometimes a little obvious, but as with all conference talks not obvious for all.
The audio problems at the start did not stop Diederik AT ALL.

Not very interesting to hear general job-hunting tips, but as far as sponsor talks from (I presume) inexperienced speakers go, not that bad.

Recruiter with humor??? What did i miss...

Though as it might have been a sponsor talk I haven't heard the crowd laugh as much as at this session.

Speaker was trying to be too funny, with jokes that would be more appropriate at a bar. Talk was lacking in structure which was annoying.
It was also a bit repetitive at points, which was also annoying.

Overall, recruiters are annoying. But that isn't news...

But do please keep sponsoring :) it is very much appreciated.