Mastering namespaces in PHP


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Quite a technical talk about namespaces with good examples. Sometimes it was hard to follow and I would have loved to hear none advantages than the normal ones.

Interesting talk, as rdj22 mentioned…quite technical indeed. You might want to reconsider the fontcolors used in your slides. The red one was difficult to read in the back of the room.

Interesting presentation, but a little slide-design improvement should be made ;-)

Very good talk. Nick is well-known for his in-depth knowledge and that clearly showed.

Very well structured and I liked the fact that coloring was used, that made things easy to follow.

Note: please skip the read coloring, it's impossible to read.

Nice coverage of namespaces. the use of red font was not very succesful, but overal very informative.

Anonymous at 14:30 on 17 Sep 2011

Good information about the namespace with helpful examples. Same as said before, please change the red color.

Good in depth information about namespaces.

Anonymous at 14:31 on 18 Sep 2011

Be careful with fancy colors. For color-blind people like me it's very hard to read red on blue (and red on green). A plain white background is better in most cases.

There was a lot of information and it was hard to follow sometimes, but it gave me a rough idea of the importance. So for me your mission is accomplished. ;)

Some information was a little more RTM, but I guess from the other reactions that assuming a working knowledge with namespaces wouldn't have worked out. Good speaker, interesting subject and compelling arguments to at the very least take a look at namespaces.

Interesting talk about namespaces, new quite a few already but good to know how this works in PHP.

As some already said, the red font on blue background was obsulutely horrible to read.

Good and interesting technical talk. Overall presentation was good.
Some points for improving this talk in the future:
- prevent the combination of conflicting colors next to each other like blue and red.
- when using a beamer a black background with a white font usually works best.

as for the contents of the talk:

I missed the following example:
"class newclass extends \fully\qualified\class\name {"
instead there was a heavy emphasis on "use" in a namespace. Most of the time there is no need to for "use" in my humble opinion.

Also the explanation for when a function or constant is missing in a namespace could be a bit more clear. It doesn't "fallback to the globalspace", but the the parent namespace. And it keeps doing that until it finds it or ends up in globalspace where it may give an error.

hope you can use the feedback for future talks!
When more feedback is wanted, feel free to contact me.

Good and informational talk on the advanced level indeed. Very good use on best practice against known pitfalls. Thorough use of examples and the explanation how namespaces are interpreted by PHP.

Someday we can't think back to the days namespaces weren't implemented in PHP...