Our monthly meetup will take us this time to Spotcrowd at the KBC Tower.

Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Bruce Lee Driven Development
Talk by Jeroen v.d. Gulik (45 minutes)

When Bruce Lee started his own martial art, he took all the best traits from the different flavours of Kung Fu and adapted it, to make his own unique version that suited him best. In this talk, I will draw parallels between software craftmanship and how Bruce Lee approached honing his skill. In the end, I will prove to you that Bruce Lee was, in fact, a software architect.

Impostor Syndrome Be Gone
Talk by Gilbert West (30 minutes)

Impostor syndrome seems to be prevalent in the developer community, ironically often amongst the most capable developers. What is the impact of impostor syndrome, where does it come from and how can we show it the door?