Talk comments

Matt Brunt at 09:16 on 8 Dec 2017

One of the most unique talks I've been to.

It was a great example of how to handle a situation in which things have already gone wrong.

Loved the audience participation and that it didn't just focus on developers, it was how everyone in a scenario (should) work together. It kicked off some great discussions afterwards from people who have been in similar situations, as well as those that hadn't ever considered the impact of what they're doing.

With a bit more time and prep, including making the timeline or where the audience is at any given point in the talk, this would be a brilliant session at any event.

Matt Brunt at 09:07 on 8 Dec 2017

Incredibly open discussion. Having seen Kane speak at last years unconference when he was new to programming, it was a good reflection on the past year and how he's progressed.

Matt Brunt at 09:06 on 8 Dec 2017

Andrew has an incredibly energetic speaking style, which is very engaging. It's clearly a topic he's passionate about and one that he knows deeply. I'd love to see the full version of this talk.

Loved it. Concept and delivery was great. Definitely something I would like to see more of. At a conference level too! :)

That was a very enjoyable session. I liked the concept and its delivery. Especially the interaction with the audience.
It would certainly be useful to businesses running this sessions once in a while as an on-boarding exercise :)

Andrew Rose at 21:14 on 29 Nov 2017

Very informative.

on Docker

Nader Shamma at 10:22 on 28 Nov 2017

I want to build a chatbot! Nice humourous overview of what can be done with the botman library.

Nader Shamma at 10:20 on 28 Nov 2017

Nice intro to and quick demo of symfony flex. Finally got to see Matt speak. I'd like to see a more detailed overview of the symfony framework with some use cases of when to use it and when not.

Nader Shamma at 10:19 on 28 Nov 2017

I need to think more about accessibility issues on my builds! A very informative talk, only advice would be to consider the structure and delivery of future talks, it felt a little scattered in places but I suspect that was simply a bit of nerves. Hazel has a promising future as a public speaker.

Nader Shamma at 10:16 on 28 Nov 2017

Andrew never fails to entertain as a speaker. Greta talk with good humour and content. Really useful information taken away from a short talk.