Best practices for web service design


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Nice overview of best practices. When beet practices are preached, you know that a certain technology has become main stream.

Stole my question in the last few slides, always good. Good points all round, nice coverage, confident and clear speaker. Overall very good.

Upbeat, engaging and brilliant overview of building a web service. Thanks Lorna

Good summary of RPC/REST even though I knew them to that level. I'm sadly a SOAP fan and have come to the same problems before regarding arrays though I'd prefer libraries to get more consistent than to ingore it.

Really good coverage of all the issues, wonderful to see someone so passionate about thier topic. Lorna didn't need her bullet point ridden slides. Really good use of anecdotes too. Would have liked to see some content touch on performance, bit otherwise superb. Can't fault. Look forward to Lorna speaking more.

Excellent coverage of the subject by an expert.

Nothing new for me, but I could see that it was the right level for a general audience. Came alive for me when she dipped into her personal experience. More stories would have been nice.

Some good points to tale away and think about. Felt like it went on too long though, probably as it was the last of the day.

Great speaker, great presentation. I would have mentioned that REST has been around for 10 years but it has become popular only fairly recently. Probably not big deal for many, but I just can't help thinking why it took so long.

An enjoyable presentation - as usual :)

I'm curious enough to give it a go now. Thanks

Interesting and engaging stuff. Was quite interested in hearing real time stories about where she's used REST etc

Really interesting and well presented talk.
Went in with a mixed amount of interest, came out with a plan to build my own web service! Can't get much better than that.