RDBMS in the social networks age


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Interesting topic that was well presented. I learned new things to apply to my work.

At times confusing because of the level of the talk, but great in depth modern SQL lesson.

Good stuff; plenty of new ideas to take away. Thanks !

This talk was so good, it was ideal

Some interesting technologies described in the talk, and lots of food for thought. Also important that he mentioned and illustrated that they aren't always the best choice - sometimes simpler methods are more appropriate

Please number your slides in future! This would help us to reference your slides in our notes (useful with the amount of info in your slides)

Having mentioned the NoSQL movement, some coverage of that would be useful - how they compare (can they compare?).

Some coverage of performance and would have been useful. Not extensive, but to say whether these examples are usable in the real world or academic examples.

Nice talk with very approachable coverage of some very heavyweight theory. I saw slide numbers but I think room layout meant someone missed them. I definitely learned some new things, thanks Lorenzo :)

Awesome talk. Shame that my current db of choice doesn't appear to support a lot of this stuff. Time to check out postgresql, I think! Thanks for this talk, learned a lot of really useful stuff.

Very in-depth, bordering on head-exploding, but essential for the advanced developer.

Loved it. Lorenzo's talk was a great mental workout.

I thought the presentation and slides were sympathetically crafted: highlighting the sections of SQL and keeping the formatting/layout consistent was a big help.

Next time, I will bring my shades as this talk was so brilliant. I even got a tan out of it ;-) Cheers! Really enjoyed it... not sure about how well the title suited this tho. Also, some may have been gutted that the examples didn't cover MySQL as such.

Subject matter was very interesting. Very in depth details given. Good presentation and good slides but felt rather rushed.

Saw lots of examples of things that where possible with some great ideas and methods.

Pretty disappointed to find that most I'd learnt wasn't available on MySQL :(

Would like to have seen more MySQL database stuff.