Meetup #27 in the Park Office cellar

Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Meeting introduction
Keynote by Jachim Coudenys, Tom Van Herreweghe (15 minutes)

Presenting tonight's meetup: schedule & flashback to last meetup & drinkup

Stop trusting (your) code
Talk by Robrecht Plaisier (45 minutes)

We all trust our code right? Should we? We all have unittest and people still get hacked. Having code that works isn't good enough anymore. It should be secure as well. I'll show you the common pitfalls with some demos and talk about some best practices on how to detect if you have been hacked.

21:15 Challenges deploying PHP apps on multi node docker swarm
Talk by Ike Devolder (45 minutes)

How do we get started with docker swarm and how do we get to the point we can properly deploy and update our php applications. Can we just add and remove nodes, what about our data?