Meetup #34 is again at DX-Solutions, but this time at their offices in Brugge.

Tuesday 12th June 2018

Intro talk
Keynote by Tom Van Herreweghe (15 minutes)

Customary introduction show for meetup #34

20:15 Consuming APIs: reporting from the trenches
Talk by Jachim Coudenys (1 hour)

Integrating multiple API endpoints into a single application can be challenging. In this talk I will go over a lot of problems and how the can be solved. Going from easy authentication to locally caching calls via middlewares and using webhooks (or callbacks) for notification, this talk covers it all (or at least tries to).

Defensive PHP programming
Talk by Ike Devolder (1 hour)

We always start with the best intentions when we create a new project. But over time we might end up with parts of our code that are hard to read or/and understand. Here we will take you through a series of excersises you can apply to your day to day coding. These should help you to end up with more readable code. Also in the second part we will talk about some best practices, when incorporated will give you improved code and redability. And to end there are other factors to take into account, people will use or abuse your application and there are external tools to help you with that. When done we should have some idea how to incorporate the tricks in our day to day programming tasks.