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Elliot Ward at 09:53 on 9 Apr 2017

The hit rate on awesome talks was amongst the best in conferences I've been to - the speaker selection panel should feel proud of the job they did. The venue was great, with great rooms and projection facilities. The microphone usage didn't seem to work too well at least in the second track, but as I was sat at the front this didn't cause me personally any issues. I would also recommend the room monitor stand outside the room asking latecomers to be quiet / use the back entrance.

I really hope to be back at this event next year.

Really nice event and enjoyed it. i was sad to leave early due to the train strikes but the talks I got to were very interesting and engaging.

I had the privileged of being paid for by my employer as I probably wouldn't have paid the price otherwise. If I wasn't paid for I would now consider going although if I was paying for myself I would be less interested in having a meal provided if I could get a cheaper ticket.

Thank you organizers, everything seemed to run fairly smoothly, now I just need to go away and process all that information.