Talk comments

Rich Sage at 09:20 on 21 Apr 2017

A great closing talk for me. Concise, engaging, and I'm off to look up your Object Calisthenics talk. Some great advice which will improve any codebase.

Rich Sage at 09:18 on 21 Apr 2017

Super super good - relevant to everyone that puts code into production. Your pace and energy was infectious, and I loved that even though you're working at such a large scale that the points you presented could be used at much smaller scale levels as well - correlation, contextual data capture and similar. And a working live demo, nice!

Rich Sage at 08:51 on 21 Apr 2017

Enjoyed this. The first part I didn't gain much from as it was basically "here is an 'if' structure" (although I understand why it's there for those entirely new to it), but the second half really grabbed me, particularly around adding checks in the kernel side of things, the refactoring out of the feature checks and the inter-dependent feature stuff - loved all these bits. My one annoyance was that you tended to do lots of "Who's used X?"-style questions, which felt a bit too frequent, but otherwise a good talk.

Rich Sage at 08:43 on 21 Apr 2017

Having used OAuth 2 a few times but always having to look up what each component/area does, this talk was great for just stripping it back to the basics and making it really clear how the process works and the various components that make up an OAuth 2 authentication process. Demystified what can be a tricky concept to grasp.

Rich Sage at 08:41 on 21 Apr 2017

I really enjoyed this. I think you may have been a bit nervous and this came across at points in terms of your pace/speech, but the content was spot on and I've referenced it lots in the days since the conference, both with myself & colleagues.

Rich Sage at 08:39 on 21 Apr 2017

Great intro, thanks Lorna. Loved the diversity and inclusivity message throughout; it's what community is all about.

Rich Sage at 08:37 on 21 Apr 2017

Interesting, but it felt a little sluggish at points. Some good topics raised though, particularly around getting the dev team process spot on and expanding that to the surrounding teams; I really liked this approach.

Bogdan Leonte at 16:32 on 14 Apr 2017

A good effort of dealing with a pretty big question without a perfect answer. However, it rather felt like a summary of good practice, clean code, etc. - in that respect it was a solid deck with some decent hands on examples. Intriguing concept of object calisthenics and definitely some good habits to pick up if your career hasn't instilled much of a clean code discipline yet.

Bogdan Leonte at 16:17 on 14 Apr 2017

A very good insight into a personal (and relevant) experience of building a team. It's a highly subjective topic so this will probably resonate differently with different audiences, but there were some good lessons about valuing soft skills and a "right fit" over supreme technical expertise.

A good delivery, good structure, and very engaging speaker. The highlight of the conference for me.

Bogdan Leonte at 16:11 on 14 Apr 2017

Good delivery, engaging and knowledgeable speaker. Where I thought it might have been improved is the focus of the talk being more on the principle and pitfalls of it. Delved into specifics like Symfony configs a bit too much at times; I would have liked to see more of a consideration on the for and against of the solution rather than the implementation.