Talk comments

Nic Wortel at 10:51 on 15 Aug 2023

I feel like I haven't really grasped the unique selling point of Unison language from the talk. It was cool to see a live demo, but I could have used a better explanation of what I was seeing. Perhaps the point of the talk would be more clear for the audience if you'd play a recorded version of the demo, so you could explain what we are looking at and how it makes Unison stand out as a programming language.

Nic Wortel at 10:24 on 15 Aug 2023

It takes guts to get on a stage and talk about this kind of topic. Thank you for sharing with us.

Nic Wortel at 10:17 on 15 Aug 2023

Nice, short, technical talk. One of those talks that can really help out other developers who are dealing with the same issue but are unaware that such a solution exists.

If you're going to give this talk at other events, I would recommend picking a title that better describes the issue you are solving.

No slides, just talking and you manage to captivate the whole audience. Nice skill when you are a manaer.

Your surprises are great insights that also help us to see how it is at 'the other side'.

Really impressed with the amount of info you can cram in 10 minutes.

Keep it going!

It was a really nice talk about just two letters that can have a big impact. Thank you for sharing.

Short, sweet and straight to the point.

One tip: Stop apologizing during your talk. You don't need to and it takes focus away from your topic.

Nice talks and tips. Everyone who is new to tech assessments should hear it.

It was a very personal talk. I was impressed with what you showed and told us. And it was a eyeopener for me to think about mental maintenance like this. Thank you.

Refreshingly insightful and funny. You've got nerve for talking about being a manager in a self steering company that did away with all managers. Talking about being in the lions den... ;-)