What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Very well organized, very interesting, excellent venue, excellent city, but i am actually afraid next edition will need a bigger location because of the massive audience turnout!

Awesome conference like every year! Thanks everyone involved for a great weekend! Even the wifi was working relatively well :). I consider myself a phpbenelux veteran, having attended every conference since it began 2 years ago, and I will definitely be back next year!

Some minor feedback:
- It would be nice if you knew beforehand whether a laptop was required for the tutorials or not. This wasn't clear to everybody
- I agree with the notepads, would be great to supply that, there was a pen in the goodiebag though

Great conference and myself and a colleague were very happy we came over on the Eurostar from England. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by everyone far surpassed the PHP conference I attended in London a couple of years ago.

The only *tiny* thing I think you should do next time is supply pens and notepads for everyone!



Amazing conference.
Compliments to you all. I will definitely be back next year.

Great conference A+
Everything was well organized, cannot think of a negative comment :-)
Only thing I might do is get a room in Antwerp to enjoy the socials even more :)

Super cool conference, perfectly mastered. This conference seems to become better and better each year. Thanks for organising this and giving me a weekend I will remember for ever.

Great event. Exceeded expectations in all possible ways! Compliments and congratulations to everyone involved!!

First the comments for the next event:
If someone has an allergy even the rare ones please make sure there's allergy notes next to multiple choice things such as sandwiches.

Also there was really little info how to get there with public transport - The busstop outside Antwerpen Centraal didn't have any busses going which made it really confusing for someone who's never been to belgium before - Luckily I speak dutch (the note was in Dutch) - Someone else would have had no clue :P

Other than that this was a really great event and I'll definitely be back next year. Great talks, wonderful keynotes, lovely goodies, belgian beer and fries, bowling, parties and the ever so lovely php people - What can go wrong? :)

Fantastic event, both in terms of planning and execution - great job by all involved, thanks for all your hard work!

Anonymous at 17:06 on 29 Jan 2012

Great conference! Thanks!!

Very well done, guys. I am always impressed how smooth everything runs. Given the fact that you organize the conference mostly in your spare free time, this just rocks.

first time at phpbenelux conference, had a good time, well oranized, all went very smooth
thx a lot

Thanks for organizing this guys! Very good location, very good speakers. This is my 3th year and I think you are making an amazing progress each year. Looking forward to 2013.

Anonymous at 10:50 on 29 Jan 2012

Awesome conference, as always.. Although hopefully the social BBQ next time will be held indoors..

You guys pulled it off again. What an amazing conference this was. I had a great time, saw some excellent content, met a lot of very cool people. Legendary!

Great conference! But what I missed was the cake of last year :(

Having always heard about the legend of the Benelux conferences it was great to finally come out and over the big pond and be able to attend. The conference was executed with mastery, no delays, no problems, lots of people, great speakers, great topics.

Really like to see how a group of people can split an event into different "responsibilities" and each part execute their area with great quality. Enjoyed the way sponsors and speakers were showcased and how the socials were very well planned around the conference itself, great networking opportunities.

Congrats to the team, will be back in 2013 and hopefully get a chance to be a speaker myself soon.

I'll definitely try to be back next year, maybe for 3 days then? ;)
Kudos @ the phpbenelux team

Anonymous at 23:56 on 28 Jan 2012

Food was nice, people were awesome, energy was good :)

Nice conference! Met new people, learned new things, had fun. Overall great experience!

Appreciated the conference in general (and thanks for that elePHPhant, didn't notice who threw it to me though)
If I can add my bit, would it be possible to rate the difficulty level (and/or the overall knowledge required, i.e. Not suitable for Zend Certified devs) for each talk ? Got somehow disappointed when I couldn't learn anything sometimes, although the talk description was quite attractive.
See you next year probably !